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Existem bons tratamentos para a acne?

A good deal of people are searching for the best acne treatment that could help them fight acne efficiently and safely. Actually, finding the best treatment for acne is a tough task because what works for one person might not be successful for others due to several factors like the cause of the problem.

Skin type

Moreover, skin kinds of individuals differ and it’s important to ascertain the sort of skin so as to know the perfect treatment required. There are an infinite number of acne treatments, some are made from chemical ingredients while others are derived from natural sources. It’s essential to be knowledgeable about the different sorts of acne products and treatments available so you can select the best one that fits your requirements.

É bom saber que

However, you’re suggested to visit your dermatologist and request a specialist advice about acne treatments for you. By doing this, you can avoid drugs and remedies that may aggravate your skin condition. Applying a topical treatment like anti-bacterial lotion, gel or lotion is one of the most frequent ways to treat moderate to severe acne cases. The fantastic point about topical remedies is how you don’t need to consult your physician first because it is simple to find a variety of sorts of over the counter medications like topical solutions. It’s ideal to seek assistance an expert chemist in picking the best acne treatment for your situation.

Acne products normally have busy surface-molecules or heavy detergents, alcohol, several scrubbing particles, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, mint, grapefruit oils and lemon. Remember that you ought to avoid any acne product which contain an excessive amount of alcohol and don’t apply neat alcohol onto the acne-affected area since this can only worsen the skin ailment.

Among the most popular remedies for acne is using tea tree oil or Melaleuca Oil, which stems from an Australian shrub. If you buy tea tree oil products, be sure the item is made from nearly 100% organic tea tree oil. According to researches, tea tree oil includes antibacterial properties that could help prevent the growth of acne. In actuality, tea tree oil is proven to be just as effective as 5% benzoyl peroxide.

However, tea tree oil has no dangerous side effects while research prove that over 70% people using benzoyl peroxide reported experiencing side effects such as itching, redness and dryness of skin. For severe cases of acne, a popular but expensive choice is available – laser acne treatment. Remember that laser therapy is only meant for serious cases and not for people with mild acne. This sort of treatment can be very costly but is effective in removing acne in addition to eliminating the nasty scars caused by acne. Probably the best acne treatment is taking very good care of your skin and using a good and nutritious diet.

Palavra final

Eating healthy and correctly helps you prevent acne breakouts since it can help the skin to stop producing the incorrect chemicals, leading to the avoidance of carrying toxins within the body. It’s recommended to steer clear of fatty, fried and processed foods and begin to increase your intake of vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, avoid drinks that contain an excessive amount of caffeine. Remember to drink more water so as to assist you flush out harmful toxins and free radicals in the body.