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Existem Remédios Ayurvédicos Domésticos para Hemorróidas?

Hemorrhoids and piles are caused by swelling of the blood vessels around the anal area. Nearly 35% suffer from hemorhoids. Hemorrhoids can be caused by poor eating habits, inactivity, sitting too long, or prolonged standing.

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This can happen to pregnant women because of pressure on the blood vessels in their rectum from the foetus. This is usually resolved by child birth. Hemorrhoids are characterized by blood on the stool or toilet paper. Itching, pain, and swelling in the anal area are all signs of hemorhoids. Surprisingly, in some cases, there may not even be any symptoms. There are two types of hemorhoids: internal and external.

The swollen blood vessels in the anal canal are called internal hemorhoids. External hemorhoids, also known as prolapsed hemorhoids, protrude from the anus. They are more painful than internal hemorhoids. Hemorrhoids can be treated with stool softeners, creams, or in extreme cases, surgery. Hemorrhoids are most often caused by an unhealthy eating pattern.

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Hemorrhoids can occur if you eat junk food more often and if you don’t exercise enough. Hemorrhoids are most often caused by chronic constipation. To prevent hemorhoids, eat more leafy vegetables and increase fiber intake. Regular bowel movements will occur if fibers are included in the diet. You should never suppress your urge to urinate. Avoid prolonged standing or sitting. The cumin seeds should be ground coarsely.

Make a paste by adding a few drops milk. Heat the juice of sphaeranthus Indicus. Once the mixture reaches a thick consistency remove it from the heat and allow it to cool. Filter the oil and place it in a bottle. This preparation should be taken every morning for five days. This has been shown to be effective in treating diarrhea, stomach ulcers, and hemorhoids.

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Here are some other home remedies for piles. A fine paste is made by grinding 1-2 buds and one or two twigs from the banyan tree. Take this paste with milk once daily for three days. Chop the white onion and saute in ghee. Make a paste with palm candy. This paste can be mixed with food three times per day. Hemorrhoids can be treated with yam. Regular consumption of yam dishes can prevent and treat hemorhoids. Ayurveda and siddha shops sell karunai lehyam made of yam. Take one spoonful of this after eating three times per day. This is a tried and true remedy for hemorhoids.