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Existem Tratamentos de Cicatrizes de Acne que Realmente Ajudam?

The worst thing people fear of is the scarring it can sometimes cause. After patiently using lots of the drugs and treatments and possibly even eliminating the condition lots of men and women are left with another problem to deal with – especially scars. It’s not always possible to prevent scarring however, with careful , it may be minimised.


As with many things it’s usually easier to prevent scarring than to attempt to remedy it afterwards. A fundamental rule is to not squeeze or pop spots and pimples, since it is one way that scarring could be caused. Most individuals understand this but most would still prefer to eliminate the offending sight of pus filled spots by popping themrather than endure the humiliation of others staring at their faces.

Sadly they can be left with a far worse problem due to scarring, which can be deep beneath the skin, can be quite tough to remove. There are many and varied treatments on the market which claim to remove acne scarring such as lotions, creams and face washes. But just how effective are they , if so, to what level? In , these the elements of these drugs can only help fade the surface scarring since they can’t penetrate deep enough to eliminate the heavily pitted scars.


However, there’s a process that does have a fair degree of success with removal and that’s laser treatment. The one drawback with this particular procedure is the cost since it’s very costly. Even then, the effective treatments that are listed don’t include the deeply pitted scars. These are beyond the assistance of any remedy and the best that may be advised is to carefully use a makeup which will, to a certain extent, help conceal the disfigurement.

Bear in when considering laser scar treatment your personal success depends upon several factors like your skin type and typically how heavy the discoloration has gone. Should you choose to embark upon this sort of treatment it’s important to keep in mind that laser scar treatment is no different to any of the other topical applications because results aren’t immediate. You would need several sessions, depending on the seriousness of the problem, and need to wait maybe a few months to see any improvement – if any.


Nobody can predict with any certainty how successful the outcome is going to be with any laser scar treatments, so it should just to be contemplated after much and expert consultation. However, if you’re able to manage it and your healthcare practitioner believes you might benefit from this technology then it might only be worth trying with the chance of ridding yourself eternally of those unsightly scars that are unsightly.