Medical 3D illustration of three cancer cells with a cell surface

Dlaczego potrzebujesz optymalnego układu odpornościowego?

A badly sick woman lay almost dead in a hospital bed. There are tubes inserted in her nostrils and IVs attached to her arms. She’s a cancer patient and she’s dying, although not necessarily from the cancer, but, instead of a simple uncontested bacterial disease. She wonders why her body can’t fight off the disease. She wonders why her doctors don’t give her an antibiotic to fight it.

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The attending doctor explains that, as a result of extreme radiation treatments to kill her aggressive cancer, her immune system was destroyed and antibiotics are useless without a functioning immune system. According to present medical advice; in simple terms, antibiotics are often chemical compounds manufactured to kill specific bacteria without damaging normal human cells. Ordinarily, an optimally functioning immune system will itself recognize a foreign bacterial “invader” and immediately act to destroy the pathogen, without the assistance of an antibiotic.

If, however, your immune defenses are weak or slow to react, an antibiotic is prescribed to kill the invading bacteria. This is a’short-term’ strategy and isn’t meant to take the place of the long-term protective functions of the body’s dynamic immune reaction.


Once the effects of the antibiotic are long gone, it’s the obligation of the body’s normal defenses to protect against the recurrence of the germs and also to take care of it should it return. Unfortunately, if the immune system is suppressed, weak or deficient at all, a bacterial pathogen could efficiently take hold in the body; this is particularly true when a number of the invading bacteria survives and mutates, thus becoming antibiotic resistant, such as, as an instance, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, better know as MRSA.

When that occurs, the previously prescribed antibiotic won’t work. That’s bad news for you! Likely, you can see why it’s essential to have a wholesome body defense system. This is simple. Feed it. That’s right! Feed your immune defenses. How can you do that? Manage your weight, to name a few. All the above is fine and dandy. However, is it enough? No. There’s something else that has to be supplied directly within the cells for the immune system to maintain’tip-top’ shape.


Well, there’s a naturally produced protein known as glutathione, that’s produced by the body itself, that’s so vital to the body’s defenses, that’s often called,”food for the immune system?” Imagine that. The immune system generates it own meals, orgas! It be wonderful if our cars could do the same! When you maintain an adequate supply of body-produced glutathione on your immune cells, they will function much more quickly to combat infections; even infections brought on by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This is also straightforward. Just supplement your diet with the appropriate quantity of glutathione precursors, or, building blocks. Your body should do the rest.