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Które z nich są prawdziwymi surowymi produktami spożywczymi?

Although it may seem impossible to list the top five raw health foods, there are foods that have so many health benefits that they are called “superfoods”. This healthy list of raw foods includes foods with more nutrients per calorie than other foods. They also contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can prevent diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and others.

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These superfoods are great for quick and easy raw foods recipes. These superfoods should be included in an all-raw food diet. These superfoods can be added to your daily smoothie, whether you’re just starting a raw diet or if you’re already a raw foodist. You can also add raw honey to make a raw food bar. These are excellent raw, uncooked foods to improve your health.

  • The anti-oxidants in Tibetan goji berries help protect our cells from cancer and other diseases. They are also a great source of Vitamin C as well as soluble fiber. They contain more amino acids than bees pollen, more beta-carotene than carrots and more iron than spinach. Goji Berries have 13% protein. It has been used to treat eye problems and skin rashes, allergies as well as liver disease, diabetes, cancer, and cervical cancer. It is a powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial food.
  • Maca contains important nutrients such as trace minerals, EFA’s and amino acids. It is also known as “natural Viagra”, because it increases strength, stamina and energy. Maca balances the body’s systems. It will raise blood pressure when needed and lower high pressure when necessary. Maca improves immunity and balances the body’s overall vitality. More than 96 nutrients are found in bee pollen, including every nutrient you need to live. It contains 40% protein. It is a natural energizer and slows down the aging process. It lowers cholesterol levels. It relieves PMS symptoms, prevents prostate problems, improves your sperm count, boosts your immune system, and detoxifies your body. It reduces allergies, strengthens the body, and improves mental clarity. It promotes weight loss. This is the rate at which your body burns fat. It helps you control stress and regulates your mood.
  • Hemp is one the most complete and pure plants on earth. Hemp has the perfect amount of Omega 3/6 for human health. It is a high-quality, complete raw protein with a large trace mineral content.
  • Wheatgrass has most of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are necessary for good health. It is a complete meal, a protein source with around 30 enzymes. It contains up to 70% of the chlorophyll, which is responsible for building blood. It is a great source of calcium and iron, magnesium as well as phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus. Wheatgrass is a natural detoxifier and cleanser. It also eliminates odors from the breath and body. Wheatgrass juice has a high natural value that many people don’t feel the “cravings”, which can lead to overeating. It is great for skin and second decree burns.