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Czym jest hipnotyczny system przekonań?

Why do you think kids are in conflict with their elders? Today children are brought up in a material-technical era, where prosperity is displayed everywhere and must be acquired by ALL, but they are brought up and educated many old disempowering beliefs that encircle their self-worth, empowerment and their prosperity and this influence only brings battle anger, frustration and hopelessness.


The storms of change enforces a change in humanities belief system which could empower ALL so that they can see the rainbow if they so choose. To address and resolve your issues, challenges and problems can be broken down into 3 categories. Let’s take a look at each category.

  • Focus is Asking – What do you concentrate on? What are the kids being taught to concentrate on? Be aware to avoid focusing or dwelling upon what you do not want or what you do not like e.g. illness, lack, misfortune or failure or some other suffering. The thought, word or feeling, is just like requesting that thing. When you focus on an outside material scenario that’s a belief being expressed, whether it belongs to you or if you’ve bought into it from mass consciousness to possess it as your own.
  • Dwelling Magnifies- What you reside upon magnifies and increases with usage. You turn your situation from a molehill into a mountain – if it’s positive or negative. When you’re having experiences that you don’t desire, you will need to avoid identifying with what’s controlling you from your previous beliefs or by the influences in the hypnotic belief system and overlays of mass consciousness expectancies, needs and conditions, for that is where your energy is flowing. Dwelling upon things you do not want and dwelling upon the outer material world of dread and play is taking away your energy, your empowerment and self-worth. It’s limiting your choices. You’re letting yourself loose your energy balance, creating your head stressed that only brings in more anxiety, uncertainty and mistrust and you’re making your body drained, lowering your immune system and opening up to the effect of negativity and disempowerment that enable bacteria to invade.
  • Know Your Truth – You need to feel think of what’s perfect for you today – not yesterday and not tomorrow, and certainly not what is right or appropriate for someone else. Imagine the potential of what you do need, not from mere wishing but a true conscious decision to get something, without judgment and an agenda, and genuinely believing in it! Having an agenda will limited the grander outcome which you can’t even imagine can be accomplished on your current state of consciousness. To do this you need to understand your truth and to understand what is real and what’s unreal. It’s to understand that everything is real that you identify with; what is reached and obtained is where you put your focus.


To expand this perception you will need to understand and understand to not continue to or become attached to any dualistic thought pattern of right or wrong, good or bad. It’s to give up attachment for holding on to any 1 thought permits you to play at the game of duality, taking sides rather than acknowledging the other component, thus creating an imbalanced separation and a deficiency.

As you learn how to breathe in most aspects, the good and the bad without attachment and by allowing them pass through you, the energy energy or control inside that idea or phrase will also pass by without putting a limitation, influence or condition to you, without taking away your energy balance or empowerment. This is accepting everything as they are when you’stand behind the short wall’, for that energy is appropriate at the moment.

Uwaga końcowa

Acceptance is permitting through forgiveness without attempting to change, fix or heal something or someone. It’s to know that approval means that you don’t have to enjoy the circumstance, but only to take it, you do not need to like another individual’s actions or choices, but just to accept it!