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Co to jest Propolis?

Nature has a cold treatment substance that can fight infection. This substance not only kills disease-causing pathogens but also strengthens the immune system. Modern research has shown that this natural product is the only one that can be used simultaneously as an antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-viral.


A bi-product made from bees, which has been used for over 3000 years to preserve the bodies of the dead in ancient Egyptian pyramids, heal wound infections, and cure colds, has been proved by modern scientific research. Many believe that a natural cold cure substance can successfully fight anti-biotic resistant bacteria or killer viruses. You will learn a lot more about this miraculous cold cure from the bees if you read on.

Everyone knows honeybees produce honey, but very few people know the critical role that Propolis plays for the life of the western honeybee (Apismellifera). Propolis is essential for honeybees, honey hives, honey harvests and other activities. What is Propolis, you ask? It is a mixture bee secretions and tree resins that is used in the construction and maintenance the hive.

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Sometimes called bee glue, or bee putty, it is also known as bee glue. Propolis is made from plant resins, just as bees gather nectar and pollen to bring back to their hives for food. Propolis, known as the defender for the hive, is to bees what penicillin was to different forms of bacteria or at least what penicillin used to be before bacteria outsmarted it. The difference is that we don’t cover our homes with penicillin to keep them safe from infection.

Propolis is used to sterilize bees’ homes by clever little engineers called bees. It is important that the environment in which they live, including their hives, is free from mold, fungus, and other diseases. The honeybee’s hard work was enjoyed by primitive humans who ate royal jelly honey, honeycombs, and larvae. Propolis was given its name by the Greeks.


Pro, which means “before” and “polis”, refers to a city. The phrase “Before the City” acknowledges that the bees protect the city’s entrance with propolis. Some believe that the more accurate translation is “In Defence of the City”, as this substance is the true defender of the city of honeys, the hive. Propolis is now available in many forms in pharmacies and health food stores due to its healing properties as a cold remedy. If you have an allergy to honey or bee stings, you should not use this product. It is important to seek medical advice before taking propolis if you are pregnant.