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Co to jest zakażenie drożdżakami Candida?

The Candida is a pathogenic . You should know this fungus exists all around usit may be found on skins, in the gut, mouth or any other membranes. These fungi turn into infectious factors when antibiotics or other factors cause an overgrowth of these fungi. Don’t fret too much, it’s great to know that most candida infections do not spread throughout the whole body; they restrict their activity to the infected mucus areas.

Candida infection

But disseminated Candida infections of internal organs are far more dangerous as they happen mostly to persons whose immune systems have been severely damaged by other diseases like lub . This considerably more severe infection has been caused by the presence of Candida fungi in the and it may even pose danger to the individual’s life. Both of these sorts of Candida infections may be treated with similar medications but they’re both very tough to cure.

You should be aware that the multiplication of yeast infections is the cause for the Candida yeast infection. Things are easy: the sum of different microorganisms is reduced and the Candida fungi are replacing them, causing the disease. Detergent can lead to by destroying the microflora. Taking antibiotics can lead to Candida vaginitis as antibiotics kill the microflora within the vagina.


Antibiotics also cause GI tract Candida. The gastrointestinal tract has a permanent population of germs that are friendly,’good’ which action is very important for GI and resistance to infections. If you’re wondering how can some germs help our immune system, well, here is your solution. The GI tract microflora is using some mechanisms to protect the organ. It’s covering the surface of the mucosa and it is stopping other bad bacteria to collect on it. It’s continually stimulating the immune system to fight against infections.

These bacteria are consuming all of the food available for germs, and therefore leaving the undesirable germs to starve to . And they’re also keeping a low degree of pH that’s not allowing the growth of different microorganisms. Antibiotics have a negative influence on this microflora. They’re temporarily reducing the amount of the microorganisms living in the gastrointestinal region and permit bad bacteria to grow in that region.


Laboratory tests have shown that have determined that the Candida yeast bacteria to colonize and penetrate the mucosa of the gut. In conclusion always focus on the number of antibiotics you’re taking. The best thing for you would be to take antibiotic therapy only on ’s prescription. And bear in that antibiotics are not the sole cause for the occurrence of Candida yeast infection. Detergents or even scented products for romantic use may cause this disease. Therefore, try to focus on your bathing products and pick a low pH one. And always keep your body dry and clean!