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Co powoduje zespół suchego oka?

Eye doctors report that eye problems associated with dry eyes are a significant criticism they receive from patients on a regular basis. Dry eye is a condition that’s caused by a lack of tear production in the eyes. This specific vision condition effects a huge array of individuals from young to old to men and women.

Czy wiesz, że?

Some men and women who reside in dry wintry climates are more likely to this eye condition because of the lack of dryness and humidity in the atmosphere. Also women who are premenopausal also undergo this eye condition because of hormonal changes in the body which are associated with the aging procedure.

Here are some additional causes of the vision condition including how the pursuit of an eye exercise program can help you resolve this vision health issue. The symptoms of the condition are the following: irritation, dryness, a burning sensation in the eyes, blurry vision, and grittiness. Additional symptoms include excessive tearing and watery eyes.

The eye

It is made up of 3 distinct tear layers. The first layer is called the Mucus Layer. The role of this particular layer is that the creation of tears which provide protection from microbial germs in the eyes thereby maintaining the cornea protected from infections. The next layer is called the watery layer which offers the eyes with tear production content which consists mainly of 90% water. The next layer is called the Oily layer.

The function of this layer is to avoid the evaporation of tears at the tear film on the retina that may aid in preventing dry eyes. If these layers aren’t functioning properly, for example in the case of the fatty coating, quitting to work correctly, there isn’t any oily lubrication given to maintain moisture from the tear film. As a consequence of this the tears evaporate thereby causing the issue of dry eyes.

Układ odpornościowy

Also, the eye’s immune system may go awry and compensate for the dryness in the eyes or lack of tear production by overproducing poor quality tears.

  • Some additional causes of dry eyes include smoking, drinking coffee, wearing contact lenses and exposure to certain environmental factors like heaters and air conditioning.
  • Certain eye diseases and health conditions like Diabetes, Glaucoma, Asthma, Lupus and a celiac disease to mention a few.
  • Excessive Close up Work on the Computer: When you’re performing excessive close up work on the pc you generally reduce your speed of blinking. This reduction in blinking causes staring that is a poor visual habit which reduces the amount of tear production in the eyes thus causing symptoms like eye strain and dry eyes.
  • Nutritional Deficiency: Scientific research suggests that a Vitamin D deficiency may cause certain eye problems associated with dry eyes like inadequate tear production in the eyes.

Lasik Surgery

Side Effect: this is often a complication of a Lasik surgery operation as 60-70percent of the tear glands in the tear film of the cornea are cut in this surgical procedure for vision correction. This interferes with the normal performance of the tear glands and contributes to dry eye symptoms for many months to a year following operation.

Age: Among the negative effects of aging on the visual system contains the development of dry eyes. This is a result of the fact that you get rid of a large proportion of your tear film production as you get older. Research suggests that 75 percent of people over age 60 complain of dry eye symptoms and by the time you reach this specific age you’ve lost a substantial proportion of your tear film production.

Treatment options

From the viewpoint of conventional medicine prescription eye drops like Restasis provide some temporary relief but this alternative causes unwanted effects in the form of a burning sensation in the eyes. The pursuit of an eye exercise program to improve vision naturally will alleviate dry eyes. Such a program is composed of eye exercises that relax the eye muscles and stimulates the production of natural tears from the eyes. The eye exercises will also prevent the worsening of your vision because of the prolonged process of staring at the monitor for hours. An extra benefit of eye exercises is how these techniques are 100% organic and are extremely safe to do with no unpleasant side effects of prescription tear eye drops. Eye exercises are finally, an effective natural alternative to alleviate or lessen the symptoms related to dry eyes.