Słowo Candida z stetoskopem na tle drewnianego biurka

What Are Causes Of Candida?

Candida jest rodzajem drożdży, które występują naturalnie u każdego. W normalnych warunkach jest nieszkodliwa i występuje tylko w organizmie. Jednakże, jeśli Twój organizm z tego czy innego powodu wypadnie z równowagi, candida może również rosnąć, powodując wiele problemów. W przeciwieństwie do wielu innych schorzeń, nie ma tylko jednej przyczyny kandydozy, która jest akceptowana przez społeczność medyczną.


There’s a combination of an assortment of different aspects that allows this kind of yeast to wreak havoc on the human body. There are particular individuals which are more prone to candida overgrowth than others. It’s understood that people with compromised immune systems are more vulnerable than others for abnormal candida growth. People with AIDS, diabetes, cancer, depression, the elderly and people with chronic medical conditions are at risk.

Prolonged use of certain medications may also place a person at risk of developing an overgrowth of candida. Immune weakness is most likely the clearest reason for the growth of candidiasis. When the immune system is compromised the body is exposed to attack from a huge selection of pathogens – not just candida. Interestingly, candida can frequently begin to flourish when a individual uses antibiotics as antibiotics kill off the good bacteria which are instrumental in maintaining candida production in check.

Dobre bakterie

Kiedy dobre bakterie są uszczuplone, tworzy się środowisko dla rozkwitu candidy. Chociaż nie ma jednej przyczyny rozwoju kandydozy, istnieje wiele czynników, które mogą się nawarstwiać, powodując nadprodukcję candidy. Czy słyszałeś kiedyś wyrażenie "słoma, która przelała czarę goryczy"? To wyjątkowy sposób na zrozumienie, jak rozwija się kandydoza. Obecny sposób myślenia wskazuje na to, że nadprodukcja candidy jest niezwykle powszechna. Może się okazać, że litania problemów zdrowotnych jest spowodowana przez candidę.

Additionally, the causes may be more numerous than previously believed. Besides immune diseases and cancers, the remedies for these conditions may also be causes of candida. Additionally, the use of steroid drugs, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, birth control pill use for more than three decades, various toxins like mercury or lead, hormonal fluctuations, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, and thyroid disease are also potential offenders. It’s not hard to understand how these variables can be described as causes of candida. They’re all instrumental in lessening the body’s ability to handle itself. When this occurs the body is susceptible to candida.


The symptoms of candida overgrowth can slowly arise or thrive with a bang. When candida takes on a dominant role in the body this possible form of sterile yeast transforms into its fungal form. This fungal state enables candida to cause damage and release harmful toxins to the body. If you remember that among the causes of mass candida is toxins, you may observe the introduction of a cycle that further sets the body at risk for various health issues. There are various causes of candida that has to be accounted for. If you recognize how candida is produced in abundance, it is possible to formulate a strategy to fight against it.


Remember, if you suspect you might have developed candidiasis, you should immediately work to counter it. There are many measures you can take – both organic and during medical intervention. Make certain you research all of your options and choose the path that can allow you to achieve better health.