Strawberry body scrub with sea salt on the wooden background

Co z domowej roboty maseczkami do twarzy?

Making your own facial mask is possible, even though it can be frustrating. It can be exhausting to purchase skin care products from well-known brands. You’d be interested in knowing which chemicals are harmful to your skin, given all the chemicals used to create these beauty products such as parabens […]

Butelka olejku eterycznego oregano z kwitnącymi gałązkami oregano na drewnianym tle

Na co dobry jest olejek z oregano?

The utilizes for oregano and essential oil of oregano are usually many. Be it fighting diarrhea, intestinal fuel, oil of oregano may also combat against bee stings and several snake bites. Some reviews have also suggested it as cure for dandruff and skin problems. Benefits The advantages of oregano have […]

Wybór miodu w małych słoiczkach. Zbliżenie, zdjęcie tonowane

Dlaczego miód jest superfood?

Honey is first used as bee food. The sweet liquid nectar is sucked by bees as they hop from one flower to another, and stored in a special container sac. They return to their hive and transfer the liquid to other bees, who then ingest it and add their enzymes […]