Eternal cycle of nature

Czy powinienem wierzyć w nadprzyrodzone zmiany?

That’s the question I posed to a friend and colleague of mine. If you believe the same as my”professionally trained” friend, please give me a opportunity to explain something to you. It will not take long. In the last few decades, a enormous amount of research has been conducted in the area of neuroscience.


The findings of the research, occasionally, are so “unnatural” we can not take them with our conscious, analytical mind. Thanks to many quite exact and objective measurements of the human mind, heart, and immune system, we can literally “see” changes, even genetic modifications or recovery, as the consequence of doing meditation, by way of instance, or of immersing ourselves in intensive notions.

When you “see” all these changes, of course, they seem to have happened through supernatural means. But they are very real, and the circumstances surrounding them have been clinically proven. Can we alter our mind-body experience, for better or worse, just by feeling anxiety, fear, anxiety, and anger or love, gratitude, and thankfulness? Can we change it through aware thinking? And that is great, because it means that we are in control of own lives.


Our internal processes are in control so that we do not always have to rely on outside conditions. You still do not believe in supernatural change? The topic of”change from the inside out.” Attend his seminars or teleclasses and watch his movies. You’ll find out how powerful you truly are. With proper training, you can change yourself “supernaturally.” You’ll understand that your changes aren’t just in “mind” but literally on mind, heart, immune system, and gene expression. Today, measuring and “seeing” the changes which are taking place “inside you” through the use of complex equipment is a reality, rather than science fiction.

When you’re on the gear, experts can”see” your mind on the job in real time. They could “see” what is going on when you are working really hard during meditation, during any other guided task, or when you are dreaming or switching from 1 brain wave to another.


Basically, whatever you are feeling, dreaming, thinking-or even saying-affects your mind and, consequently, your body’s physiology. It’s a “natural phenomenon” You really are changing your present status somehow. A supernatural change takes place when you excite or cause, from inside, your current status to create a change, for better or worse. Learning how to supernaturally-and effectively-make desired changes supplies you with a lot of power over your wellbeing and over your life generally.