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Psoriasis Diet?

Psoriasis is a durable skin condition, among the most difficult to treat skin ailments together with eczema. According to Wikipedia, more than 2% of the whole world’s population is affected by this issue. But, the medical world is yet to come out with the specific cause of this issue. Accordingly, there’s no known cure for psoriasis.


Generally speaking, it’s thought of as an autoimmune disorder as soon as your faulty immune system sends wrong signals to your body causing exponential increase in skin cells, leading to thick psoriasis spots on various parts of your body such as knees, scalp, elbows, back, forehead, behind the ears, underarms, under the breasts and other parts too. These skin patches are red white or silvery white in colour. Increased skin dryness and inflammation are associated with these psoriasis flakes.

As mentioned earlier, as of today, psoriasis can not be cured, but can be managed to live a better life. Modern medical science is still clueless about the psoriasis origin and forms of steroids established topical treatment drugs are prescribed to control the symptoms. Topical therapy medications are those medications that are applied on your skin straight such as lotions, oils and shampoos.

Czy wiesz, że?

Coal tar based shampoos and salicylic acid based lotions are extremely common. Also, steroidal immunosuppressants such as methotrexate are given to the patients to calm down the immune system. The individual is supposed to use these drugs for almost the entire lifetime. Hence, the possible side effects of the steroid based drugs can not be denied. For instance, the use of methotrexate in the long term can have adverse effects on the liver.

Similarly, alcohol also damages in lives in the long term. So, if a person consumes alcohol frequently and taking methotrexate to control psoriasis, then the combined effect of alcohol and methotrexate can seriously damage the liver in the long term. That’s why a holistic healing approach is bringing a growing number of people to handle their psoriasis. Holistic healing of psoriasis functions on the principle that psoriasis is an internal body metabolism associated disease and skin flakes in your body are merely an indicator that your body’s internal house isn’t in order.


Diet plays the most significant part in psoriasis healing so far as holistic healing is concerned. Impaired liver and poor digestive system combined with anxiety can increase the degree of body toxins outside permissible limits. Consuming a diet which aids in body detoxification, boosts the body resistance and most of all, easy to digest is a really good way to make peace with psoriasis. An perfect psoriasis diet would include eating plenty of fresh produce and whole grains. Most of the green vegetables are alkaline foods and they’re highly suggested to ramble the body pH towards optimal body pH level (slightly alkaline). Drinking lots of water and fresh green juices can also be beneficial. Various foods that are not great for psoriasis are: animal fat such as dairy and red meat, allergy causing foods such as wheat gluten and nightshades, sweetened carbonated beverages, carbonated beverages, highly processed foods such as bakery, pasta and pizza. Minimizing the use of alcohol and smoking can be highly recommendable.