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You’re in the bookstore and this cute girl stands next to you, browsing in magazines. After a couple of minutes, she strikes up a conversation and you are not certain if she’s flirting or just being friendly. How do you tell if she’s interested?


  • Does she make eye contact with you? It’s an additional bonus when she looks you in the eye and smiles!
  • Has she touched your arm or brushed against you whatsoever. If she’s attempting to enter your space, this might be a potential signal. If you return the gesture and she leans into you, it’s a fairly safe bet that she’s thinking what you’re thinking.
  • Does she have any tattoos which may give her away? A good deal of lesbians are going to have some type of’pride’ tattoo or other symbol that may give them away. Take a close look, it may be quite subtle or it might be a terrific big rainbow, but you won’t know unless you have a close look.
  • Does she have any jewelry that may give her away whatsoever? A rainbow ring, necklace, a labrys is an older symbol of empowerment for girls and might be a clue as to her sexuality. A ring on the thumb was proven to be a sign of bisexuality and a ring on the middle finger of their left hand may be worn by lesbians in a committed relationship. Not the traditional wedding ring finger, but the longest digit of the hand would be the one to search for.
  • Does she play with her hair when she talks and smiles at you? This is often the way a very femme woman will flirt. Look for the subtle changes in her face, her expressions and her eyes. The hair flipping, together with all the above is almost a sure bet that you’re being flirted with.
  • Casually mention your”last girlfriend” and await her response. If there’s absolutely no appearance of shock, no apparent change in her demeanor and she seems to be flirting with you, then she probably is.
  • Mention the name of a neighborhood gay club or pub and ask if she’s ever been there. If she’s familiar and says she’s been there, then you’re like gold, my friend.
  • if you’re the adventurous sort, and you’re somewhere close to a coffee shop or beverage stand, ask her if she would like something to drink and offer to receive it. If she readily accepts your invitation, sits and talks with you, then probably she’s interested in you as far as you’re in her!
  • During your conversation, put your hands on the small of her back, very casually and guide her towards a door, a seat, anywhere. If she easily moves with you, it’s her subconscious enabling you to take charge of the situation and points to her desire that you do so. At that time, you should be confident to ask her for her number so you can”give her a call sometime”.
  • Just come right out and ask her if everything else fails. She seems interested and you aren’t sure. The only way you will know is to just come right out and ask. Perhaps you say something sweet like “I really don’t mean to offend you so please, take it as a compliment, but I’d really like to meet a girl just like you and get to know her. Any chance you could give me your telephone number and do lunch sometime?” You’re giving her a compliment and giving her an outside at exactly the exact same time. She’ll let you know if she is interested by accepting or declining.

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Good luck with your relationship. It is not easy to meet quality people, especially out in public. A growing number of people are turning to online relationship, but it is much more fun to get that initial spark from throughout the area and find an excuse to move nearer and strike up a conversation. Maybe you will exchange glances and both play hard to get? The connection dance is an enjoyable one, if you let yourself enjoy it. Don’t let your anxiety keep you from having a little fun.