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Immune Boosting For Kids?

Let’s face it, holidays are often the time we fall off the wagon with our children health. Suddenly there are more takeaways and”treats,” later nights and less nourishment structure which all affect your child’s health. But now isn’t the time to drop the ball! There have been bugs aplenty this year, and a few good ones too.

Child’s health

Whether your child has been ill or not, now is the time to refocus and boost their immunity that will allow their bodies to fight the bugs which are rampant this time of year and continue to do their best for the remainder of the year. As we all know, you just can’t get sick just by being connected with somebody who is, although that certainly doesn’t help. Only a sick body can get ill, so in the event that you keep your kid boosted and healthy that they will have a far greater prospect of handling the viruses and bacteria they come in contact with.

Now would be a terrific time to think about worming your kids. Worms and parasites are opportunistic and when your kid is run down, this is the best atmosphere for them to take hold. A child’s immune and digestive systems take time to grow leaving them more vulnerable to worm infestation. And if they do they have the capability to lessen your child’s immunity much more. Worms are often overlooked as the reason for childhood coughs and colds but should not be underestimated.

Consider this

When it comes to treating migraines, there are lots of factors to consider like age and overall health of the child to find out the most suitable option of treatment. They can be quite tough to eliminate so choose your method carefully, and always support therapy with the perfect probiotic. Now is also a wonderful time to tackle an herbal immune boosting program. Give your child a dose of Echinacea every school day and take the weekends off to your first month of the period. If your child has been unwell a broader herbal tincture to address your child’s specific needs may be more appropriate.


Nutrition is our best ally to keep our children healthy. Now’s a fantastic time to boost your children with nutrient dense foods. Wholefoods are foods that are packed full of good nutrition, some being more”super” than others, and have experienced no to very little processing, they’re perfectly packed by nature. Not every meal could be perfect so decide on a meal every day to maximise nourishment for your child, make sure they’re receiving the right quantity of carbohydrates, protein and above all fats.