African traditional medicine makes use of various natural products, many derived from trees and other plants. Botanical medicine prescribed by an inyanga or herbal healer is generally known as "muti", but the term can apply to other traditional medical formulations, including those that are zoological or mineral in composition.

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Herbs aren’t only small, green, leafy plants which are used to taste food dishes. Plants, including tremendous trees to fungi and blossom have herbal properties and their applications are equally as varied. Herbal properties are available in varying degrees in everything from the plants roots to its own seeds.

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One part might be edible as well as the other may be extremely poisonous, while certain herbs must be used when fresh and many others are best when dried. If you will use herbs for medicinal or culinary purposes it is crucial to look into the herb. Common names may be deceiving because they may fall to the exact species, and sub species and varieties may differ in chemistry.

Make certain to only use the component indicated as the remainder might be toxic. Just because herbs are natural doesn’t necessarily make them safe to use externally or internally. Using herbs must be carried out with the utmost caution when the desired effect is to be achieved. All herbs are toxic in excess and can lead to unpredictable results if used along with other herbs and drugs.

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Using herbs should be rigorously controlled and consultation with a physician is a good idea. If you’re novice herb user it’s a good idea to only use herbs for minor topical treatments, such as bruises and cut. Do not exceed the dose of a prescribed herbal remedy. Babies, pregnant girl, and older citizens shouldn’t take any herbal remedies unless they’ve been prescribed by a qualified professional.

Take care when using inhalant remedies which are rich in essential oils, these are powerful and highly toxic if used incorrectly. Think of herbs concerning an aid to improving health as opposed to curing ailments. Used regularly in conjunction with a well balanced diet herbs can boost your immune system and provide a feeling of well being. Use herbs in cooking, salads, or teas, for hair and skin preparations or simply enjoy their many colors and fragrances.

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The entire plant refers to the parts above ground, the stalks, leaves and blossoms. Leaves and stems are best utilised in late spring and summer. In most plants the flowers form the reproductive part, comprising the corolla (petals) protected by a ring of sepals forming the calyx. The centre includes the female organ, the pistil, or male component, or stamens. Below the surface we find roots, rhizomes, tubers, corns and bulbs. Many trees are also called herbs comprising trunks and branches with a heartwood center, surrounded by sapwood that’s protected by outer and inner layers of bark. The hard tissue comprises lignin full of resins, oils and gums.