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Jak odzyskać swoje życie emocjonalne?

Now if indeed you’re experiencing depression, do what you will need to do to be accountable for your current state, and whenever you’ve got an opening consider reading the law of attraction. Learn as much as possible about how you feel about it. You may find you have the ability to’conquer’ the environment where your senses have concluded that an overwhelming dose of unbalanced feelings we call depression.


The issue with going to treatment or taking drugs is that it sends a message to you that there’s something wrong with you and that you are, on your own, incapable of changing your life leaving you in the peril of others. These messages support over and over again your plight. Here’s a truth. Find a way to alter your emotions and you’ll start to see the circumstances and situations of your life change. One powerful way to learn to do so is to examine the law of attraction, read my books or some other book by Abraham-Hicks.

The truth is that you possess the capability to change the quality of your life, absolutely. There’s nothing like boosting your self esteem. Let’s look at the physics of it all and get more exact by knowing a bit better what the law of attraction makes it possible for us to see. The law of attraction states that what you concentrate on triggers ideas and emotions. The brain is generating one hundred million chemicals and sending them into the cells in the body each second. That produces the feelings you’re experiencing. You feel how you do and continue to send signals to the brain which then lets you think ideas appropriate to those feelings.

Now suppose you get a random phone call from your long lost cousin, one of your favorites, and they want you to come to Newport Beach in California for the summer months. You get a rush of enthusiasm along with your ideas and feeling fast change. The compounds being produced by the mind are getting you feel ecstatic. The energy you have is in your ability to concentrate your attention on the ideas you like, wherever you are or how you’re feeling. However when you’re down, the emotions you’re feeling may and probably have turned into a type of addition.


The way out is beginning small. It wouldn’t be possible for this to come to your sight if you were not feeling a little’hope’ that things could be improved. So just keep reaching for the things which make you feel better. Surround yourself with everything that you love. Do the best you can to eliminate those things the body will translate as painful emotions and memories. The emotional feelings you are having are in place to safeguard your ‘cherished’ and I use that word carefully; basic assumptions about who you are as an identity and how you can best survive in life.

The emotional suffering is because of conflict between your divine self, that infinitely brilliant and magical self which keeps the life in us. It’s that wonderful part of us that seeks joy and happiness and aims towards living. The battle surfaces due to our individuality self and its own need to endure psychological selves, like maybe’I do not deserve to be happy’. Our identity self which you’ve spent all your life inventing to shelter you from the danger of any number of concluded interpretations are just beliefs and are the reason behind the psychological struggle.

There’s nothing to do with the belief, simply give new interpretations to them, like’who deserves to be happy but me’. When you’re not happy that’s precisely what is happening, a battle between what you need and what you think is possible – for you. Remember these. Let it be, relax, it will be ok, it is not so bad, it will all turn for the better, everybody is doing the best they could. If I can allow it to be it’ll let me be. I’m discovering more of my electricity daily. My opinion of things is just a bit off. My divine self won’t ever leave me.

Good things

Good things are coming my way. The world is taking care of things. I need big things in my life and I will only be as large as I can be reduced. It’s all getting better and time is on my side. Don’t worry so much about the look of life, simply manage the emotions and the look will reshape itself as do the clouds from the skies. The divine self experiences joy whatsoever levels. It sees nothing wrong with you or anybody, ever. Here are a few useful ideas. Get a note book and use it to spend about 30 minutes to write down all of the things you enjoy about your life. List even the tiny things. What are you thankful for? If it’s useful make classes, like people, things and places. Thing will really come up which you feel no admiration for.

These are important. List at least a couple of things that you can find about them you can feel great about. For instance, I hate my job, but you may be thankful for the money it’s proving you and you may appreciate that your hours are flexible. The purpose is to list things however small they may be about even those items you believe you don’t have any appreciation. Here’s a joyful door out. Learn how to feel happier now than you did yesterday. In this specific case, plan on seeing yourself as a happy and joyous person. See a time when you’re with somebody it felt so great to be with.


Capture that feeling, that emotion, there’s nothing more important. Feel even only a little bit better; believe something that’s a happy thought. Keep building on it. Do this for one hour a day should you want and before you know it you will see better things occurring naturally. Regardless of what the psychological conflict, the way out is comparable. Fill yourself with a pure joy. Find ways to be happy. When you’re happy you can do things you would never think about doing when you’re miserable and feeling down. No matter the depression there’s a better side for this.