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Jak zamanifestować optymalne zdrowie i energię?

Manifesting optimum health and boundless energy will improve your physical, mental and emotional stamina, strengthen your immune system and bring more joy and fulfillment to your life. After resting on the weekends, many start the work week on Monday with zest and enthusiasm and wonder why, by Wednesday, they’re feeling the typical fatigue and stress.

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Most of us understand what we have to do for better health and improved energy but need reminders about what actions we will need to take.

  • Drink loads of water. Water cleanses and rejuvenates and acts as a conductor of healing energies that pass through your body. Your body consists of great amounts of water so the water that you drink should be totally pure. Read a fascinating book by Dr. Masaru Emoto, The hidden messages in water. His experiments have revealed that the structure of water could be altered. We can positively affect our health by exposing the water we drink into loving thoughts.
  • Use full spectrum lighting. Florescent lighting, though cheaper, affects our emotions and physical health in a negative manner, bringing fatigue and irritability. People using full spectrum lighting are calmer, have greater mental clarity and increased energy. Incandescent lighting, though better than fluorescent light, lacks ultraviolet (UV) light.
  • Get out in the direct sunshine at least 20 minutes each day. It’s been found that increased exposure to sun reduces heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose and lactic acid. Sunlight increases the efficiency of the heart and the capacity of blood to carry oxygen. Other advantages include increased strength, power and tolerance to stress.
  • Use an air filter to clean the air in your house, especially if you reside in town or need to keep your windows closed all the time.
  • Use a humidifier to avoid the drying effects of heaters if you live where it’s cold in the winter. Or, use a dehumidifier if you live where it’s hot and humid or around water.
  • Eat locally grown organic food that’s fresh and in season in your area, or grow your own. For exceptional energy, eat a huge array of nutritious and vibrant foods, especially green. Eat raw foods with every meal or lightly steamed in colder weather. Buy a book that will help you begin.
  • Exercise daily for endurance, strength, agility and balance. You’ll find a lot of videos, books, gyms and health clubs to your instruction and instruction. Get out and walk anytime, anyplace. The only equipment required is a pair of walking shoes. Don’t like to walk? Simply move, proceed, move – inside or outdoors. Movement is self-nourishment. No need for structured motion; your body will create what it wants and needs in the moment. Call it’soul motion’.
  • Keep your stress levels down – vitally necessary for excellent health and vitality. Good nutrition, creative outlets, rest and exercise will support. Avoid people and situations that steal your energy, including nightly news on TV.
  • Read self-improvement books. Listen to tapes, teleconferences; attend discussions, seminars and workshops to continuously heighten and expand your consciousness. Help yourself and finally, lead to the improvement of others.
  • Spend quality time alone as a way to centre yourself and to accept what you will need to change on your own. Take early morning walks, visit the museum during lunch or pray and meditate. Quiet time is vital if you wish a lifetime of optimum health, radiant energy, happiness, achievement and participation.


Things are now changing with lightning pace and we have to keep our personal vibration in the greatest possible level. Utilize these suggestions today. Don’t wait until your happiness level goes down, your health is compromised or your achievement is short-circuited. Follow these suggestions to get life-improvement and life-transformation. They’ll serve the greatest aspirations of your heart and soul. You’ll be manifesting a lifetime of optimum health and boundless energy, taking you toward your most valued goals.