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Czy sport pomaga w osiągnięciu zdrowego życia?

People often scurry through life, wondering why their lives look so unbalanced, or why they feel so empty, unhealthy, stressed out, angry, etc. I would love to pass on to you what many individuals don’t recognize; your health is comprised of a triangle, or more especially, of 3 points interconnected. First, allow me to begin off by saying that not everyone is an athlete.


And not everybody wants to be exercising all of the time, or out all of the time. To some people, this isn’t for them. However, I can’t stress enough that you MUST stay physically healthy for the interest of your total health, and this is not an simple task. Take up a hobby if you need to. Simply search for something energetic which you enjoy and possibly even something your family can enjoy also. If you can take it on yourself to keep a workout regiment, than definitely do so. Remaining as busy as possible is a significant key!


Physical wellness also includes eating right. No, you don’t need to count calories, or carbohydrates, or start a regimented diet. But, you should be asking yourself whether your food consumption is acceptable per your bodies criteria. Ask yourself,”does what I eat make me feel tired or dizzy?” Or,”do I frequently feel ill, or too full after a meal?” There are countless questions that you may be asking yourself when it comes to your dietary habits. The simplest and most convenient way for you to manage your diet, is to ask yourself whether you’should’ be swallowing what you are going to consume. Finding reasonable alternatives is the easy part.

About habits

Finally, you should consider admonishing your bad habits. Having balanced general health is a lifestyle change. There are no magic diet pills or magic workouts. If you smoke, you should stop. Many men and women who might suggest this to you don’t know how difficult of a job this is. I do. There was a point in time for me, when I needed to opt to create a’lifestyle change’ and rid myself of the toxins in my life.

ANYTHING that you set your mind to. And I will guarantee you that it’s one hundred percent worth it! We’ll touch on this . Meanwhile, also look at any other bad habits that you might have formed over the years (i.e. eating too much, watching too much tv, sleeping too often, etc). Purging your life of dream depleting actions is among the first measures to fully transforming your life. Consider your daily activities, and identify what’s responsible for the most crucial amount of stress in your life. Is it your partner, your job, your loved ones, or your finances? It may be any of these and more, or even multiple things simultaneously. But whatever it is, understand that anxiety can be a killer. That’s right, a killer!

Należy pamiętać, że

Now, nobody can expect to live stress free, but there are things in our lives that we CAN control. And with them, we have to be decisive, have backbone, and do it! If it your spouse that’s causing one to worry, than you have to evaluate your connection and determine what you must do in order to quell the situation and eliminate as much stress from the equation as possible. Manage those things that you CAN control, so you are better able to take care of the things that you can’t.

This stage is the most complex, and is also the most highly underestimated. When I say mental health, I clearly do not mean emotionally (as we have already covered that), nor do I mean have you or have you not gone mad. What I mean is, the brain is a powerful instrument, or it may be a powerful adversary. And as a disclaimer, I don’t mean to imply that true illness or illness doesn’t exist. But I have seen with my own eyes that the mind is capable of turning something that’s fiction, into a really true reality.

Mainstream media has geared us to feel that we are innately ill. We suffer from clinical depression, restless leg syndrome, thyroid problems, sleeping problems, and so forth and so on. And of course that everything causes cancer and higher blood pressure and diabetes! Hold the phone! I almost do not even need to go on living with all that DANGER out there! The simple fact is, we’re capable of using our minds to convince our own bodies which we’ve got a problem. And this does not have to be so intense that you’think’ that you’ve got an affliction, as a hypochondriac might.


Again, I’m not suggesting that any, if not all these afflictions do not exist. Nor am I saying that anytime you take sick, it’s all in your mind. However, we have to free our minds of hazardous idea so as to balance our health, since the mind is stronger than anything in life, capable of good and of bad. If you think about life, as well as health, as an ideally equal lateral triangle, than it isn’t hard to see how we are influenced by each of the three factors of health.

Throw any one of these points away, and we disturb the equilibrium of the triangle. And such imbalance is solely responsible for over-stress, over-sickness, over-grief and melancholy, and over-anxiety, in addition to many many more issues. Take the opportunity that you’re given in this life . Getting there is the hard part, but when we’re there we find that’healthy’ living gives us greater joy than any of those things that we may now feel we’ll miss.