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Czy hipnoterapia pomaga rzucić palenie?

People scold you, ask you, crush your mind with suggestions to give up smoking. Sometimes you lose relationships or get blackmailed by precisely the exact same threat, but, surprisingly, nothing works well and people start wondering why smoking is so important for you? Especially, when it causes a lot of harm to your health and that also in so many ways, what keeps you glued into such a certain threat to yourself?


It’s just because Nicotine is a highly effective chemical; so strong that most of the time that it dominates your will-power, motivation & conclusion. But it’s not to be considered that once you’re a smoker, you’re merely gone. There are other solutions like Behavioral Therapies and Nicotine Replacement goods readily available on the market today. All of these aren’t equally qualified. Which should you go for today? The smartest choice undoubtedly turns out to be Hypnotherapy. Research studies have shown that the success rate is best with Hypnotherapy for cessation of smoking.

The numbers

Not only that, it’s as large as 66 percent while in comparison to 25% success rate with behavioral treatment, 25% with Nicotine replacement products and just 5 percent with attempts by yourself. It isn’t merely a co-incidence which Hypnotherapy tops the chart of”stop smoking” alternatives. There’s a clear scientific explanation underlying these empirical results and we do not have to learn hard concepts to understand that. If we just go by the methodologies, it is going to become very clear that Hypnotherapy is the most reliable treatment to cure you of this disastrous habit.

Behavioral therapy

It approaches with a rather simple technique of merely replacing the smoking habit with another one. In this treatment, people just need to spot the arousing situations that increase the urge for smoking. Then they’re suggested to nourish those urges by some alternate behavior that permits you to perform without a cigarette. Like for the purpose of relaxation and stress reduction, an individual should opt for deep breathing exercise, massage or meditation rather than smoking. While in isolation or boredom one ought to find something he’s passionate about such as art, literature or music.

Now this undoubtedly needs to be endorsed by willpower, motivation and dedication. But what if someone takes it like a feeling of struggle with himself to exert willpower and dedication? Talking about Nicotine replacement products; the compounds in those Nicotine Patches or Gums, while consumed quenches the thirst for smoking straight without asking you to practice another behavior. But again it functions only to mitigating the impulse, rather than uprooting it. So the individual can smoke if he wishes. This, ironically, means he can also replace the Nicotine Patch or Gum itself by a cigarette. Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic relief which intends to uproot the impulse if smoke from your subconscious mind with a permanent effect. It takes you through understand fight with yourself and easily removes the impulse of smoking from your heart.


During Hypnotism, the Hypnotherapist starts with creating the subject (the addicted individual ) aware of the adverse effects of smoking and the way the smoker becomes addicted. The objective of this point is to make him realize he was committing a mistake. It makes him vulnerable to additional enticements. In the next stage the therapist takes the subject to the trance state and uses a figurative speech to explain how smoking erodes his physical health. This figurative speech is a really strong one and makes impact into the subconscious mind of the topic. After that the therapist violate the first mindset attached to smoking. Finally he’s made understood that he’s completely against smoking and he can overcome this habit effortlessly.


As is apparent from the analysis that Hypnotherapy is the best means; unlike many others it puts the notion deeply embedded in your mind. You won’t need to withstand, you really won’t feel like smoking . The treatment is harmless and free of any side effects. But it is vital to be careful while choosing the therapist. The procedure can be orderly and successfully implemented solely by a trained practitioner. Performed accordingly Hypnotherapy brings you health with confidence, with amazing pace and without a sacrifice.