Koncepcja ezoteryki i hipnozy - wahadło z magicznym dymem

Czy hipnoza dla utraty wagi działa?

As much as one-third of Americans are obese, and that number keeps growing. In reality, obesity has become such an issue that it has been declared an epidemic by the World Health Organization. Many men and women that are overweight diet and exercise maniacally, nevertheless, despite their best intentions and effort, many still struggle to stay with their routine, which generates the annoying habit of weight loss and weight gain.

Does it work?

Hypnosis for weight loss, when combined with nutritional advice and regular exercise, has been demonstrated to be a very helpful tool when it comes to breaking the cycle of yoyo dieting. It enables those who truly wish to change their habits to remain motivated, which may help create considerable weight loss that lasts. In reality, research in reputable scientific publications like the International Journal of Eating Disorders and Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology all reveal an increased success rate for people who incorporated hypnosis in their treatment, compared to people who didn’t.

When it comes to dieting, lots of folks manage to keep their focus and nourishment when they have an upcoming event that mandates that they lose weight. We’ve all seen that one eager bride that was able to shed 30 pounds before her wedding, or the man who drops some weight prior to an upcoming reunion. These significant calendar events inspire us to stick to our weight loss routine until the aim is reached. The trouble with this strategy is, however, it only works in the short term, because finally the wedding, reunion, swimsuit season, or whatever occasion it’s, passes and with it goes that motivation.

Because of this, the weight comes roaring back. Many individuals believe that being hypnotized means being trapped inside an inevitable trance without free will. But the truth is, once you’re in a hypnotic state, you are simply in an extremely relaxed and focused state of mind. In actuality, we go through this state often throughout our everyday lives, like if we get engrossed in a wonderful book or movie. In this concentrated state, you’re highly receptive to hypnotic suggestions, which, when supplied by a clinical psychologist, can be taken to heart to be able to influence behaviour and perceptions in several positive ways.


Hypnosis works for weight loss by helping individuals maintain motivation in the long run. As an example, rather than choosing a date by which you will need to be X pound. This aim isn’t confined by a calendar date on which to stop, which will help minimize the chance of yo-yoing. In regards to longterm weight loss, there’s absolutely no magic pill. The best solutions are the simplest: eat less, exercise more, and, finally, do not shed the pounds for the sake of one moment. Instead, eliminate weight for the sake of your longterm health and self assurance.