Ganoderma lucidum is a medicinal plant.

Do You Need Some Sleep Secrets?

You can also find popular natural sleep products like valerian or melatonin. These are not recommended for long-term use. I use melatonin to help me get through long flights between different time zones. Then, I stop. Each one will then look for the root cause of the sleep problem.


My son discovered that his body’s “excitement juice” was the problem. It was his “out of whack excitement drinks”. The human body produces chemicals that stimulate the brain and nerves. It can also produce chemicals that calm your nerves. Many people take calcium supplements to maintain strong bones.

Your body loses calcium at night, so taking calcium supplements at night can cause aching muscles that keep people awake at night. Calcium can cause muscle contractions and anxiety, which can lead to anxiety. Other problems that can arise from taking calcium at night include leg cramps and restless legs syndrome. This is due to calcium not being properly dissolved in our bodies.

There is a solution

Magnesium can be used as a natural muscle relaxant, sedative, or to reverse restless legs syndrome. It can also relieve cramping in your feet and legs. There are calcium supplements out there,synergistically combined with both magnesium and vitamin D, two essential ingredients to maximise calcium absorption.

Combining calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium can help you get a good night of sleep. A lack of these oils can cause muscle weakness, tingling in the arms and legs, and behavioral changes. There are many benefits to Omega-3 fatty acids, and not all of them offer the same benefits. It is important to ensure that you only take high quality supplements to increase your Omega-3 intake.


Mycoplasma-bacterial infections may be causing your aches and discomforts. Probiotics can be used to remove mycoplasma bacteria, which is known to cause aching muscles and joints. They can be taken as a way to improve intestinal microbial balance, prevent pathogens, and toxin-producing bacteria like mycoplasma. Probiotics were created to promote healthy digestion and improve the body’s immune system.

The unique 3-layer coating of highly beneficial microbes allows it to pass through the stomach and into the gut, where it is absorbed. Many internet references are available on the benefits probiotics, including a reference from a 2011 study showing lower levels of stress and anxiety among test subjects who took probiotics. Most people considered sleep to be a passive, dormant aspect of their lives until the 1950s.


Many studies have shown that sleep is actually very active in our brains. One of my friends told me that he used go to bed every night ready to sleep but would then spend hours staring at the ceiling. I asked him what he did. He would either go over details of the day or think about the next day. Anxiety and stress can lead to sleeplessness when combined with a racing mind. Numerous studies have been done in this area to determine that L-theanine, an amino acid, may be a solution to a racing mind.

L-theanine is known to have a calming effect that reduces stress and anxiety. Studies have also shown that L-theanine can increase the activity of your brain’s “alpha-waves”. Alpha waves are the same state as meditation and yoga that is associated with calm relaxation.


Green tea. It has the highest level of L-theanine found in the natural world. My friend switched to green tea after trying it for a while. He reported that he wasn’t as tired from being awake as before. My favorite green tea is green tea with reishi.

The Reishi, a red mushroom, is also known as the “Heavenly Herb”, the “Blessed Herb”, or the “Herb of Immortality”. These are strong words that were taken from old Asian records. They refer to the ability of the Reishi herbs to dramatically increase the dynamic power and blood pressure. It is also known to improve the liver function and oxygenate the arteries throughout the body, making it an excellent health support tool. The Reishi can be combined with green tea to provide a natural sleep aid.

Hormonal factor

Serotonin deficiency can be accompanied by cravings. While you may be able to satisfy your cravings with sweet or salty foods, it is only temporary. This will not help you increase your serotonin levels and may actually cause more toxins to enter your body, which can lead to a lack of sleep. In your quest to get a good night’s rest, serotonin is linked to melatonin. If your serotonin levels drop during the day then your melatonin levels at night will also be low.

Our bodies convert serotonin to melatonin as we go about our day. This is then stored in our pineal gland. Your body signals your pineal glands to release melatonin when the sun sets, which helps you fall asleep. As I mentioned, many people take a melatonin supplements to help with sleep problems. A rise in melatonin is certainly necessary to help with sleep issues.

However, there is a natural method of increasing melatonin by increasing your serotonin levels. 5-hydroxytryptophan (or 5HTP) is a naturally occurring amino acid that is a chemical precursor and metabolic intermediate in the creation of serotonin in your bodies. Supplements of 5HTP can be used to increase the production of serotonin and melatonin. B Vitamins B3, especially B6, are involved in many bodily functions, including the production of serotonin. Vitamin B6 is vital for the creation and maintenance of serotonin. It is also a natural stress-buster.

Bee products

Our bee friends, who are small honey-producing insects, can teach us a lot. Bee pollen and bee propolis supplements are full of amino acids like 5HTP and the B-complex vitamins. They may give you a boost of energy and provide some relief from stress. Combining the amino acids with the B-complex vitamins can help you get a good night of sleep. These supplements are a part of my healthy lifestyle and I don’t experience sleep deprivation.

Selenium, a trace mineral found in many foods, aids antioxidant proteins to ensure that your body functions properly. Selenium may be helpful in preventing cell damage that can lead to chronic diseases or sleep deprivation. Selenium plays an important role in supporting your immune system, and thyroid function. A multivitamin that contains selenium could be a valuable aid in digestion, tissue repair, and nervous system function. GABA(Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is your body’s most abundant “inhibitory” neurotransmitter, a major player in your body’s “calming” system.

GABA deficiency

It may cause anxiety and sleep problems. GABA is a natural stimulator, relaxing the body and reducing overstimulation. GABA deficiency can cause the brain to not settle down or rest if it is not in balance with blood circulation. The deficiency of GABA could be corrected by taking Omega-3 and Omega-9 fat acids. This will improve blood circulation, which is what it is hoped will help. The circulatory system’s support of Omega-3 will be beneficial in addressing stiffness and tenseness.

Additionally, Omega-3’s ability to relax and ease muscles can be aided by increased blood flow. A bowl of oats before bed has been known to calm jittery nerves. Oats have been used medicinally since the Middle Ages. I recently found over 500,000 entries on the internet-library for nerves and oats. It was amazing to see the information I found about this humble herb.

Uwaga końcowa

Pristine aloe vera can help to balance high blood pressure and the immune systems, which are important aspects of reducing stress levels. Aloe vera juice contains over 200 compounds, including the essentials we’ve already discussed – amino acids and B-complex vitamins as well as calcium, magnesium, and calcium. It also contains natural salicylic acid and sterols, which are active ingredients for the soothing of joints and muscles.

Drinking Aloe Vera Gel juice every day could help you get a good night’s rest. It is possible to spend a lot of money looking for ways to improve your sleep. This can include sleep remedies and more technical treatments. However, it can quickly add up and cost thousands of dollars with no guarantee of success. If we focus on the root cause of our sleep disruptions, we can find better sleep. Good nutrition and supplementation are the best ways to get good sleep.