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Czy jest jakieś wprowadzenie do jogi?

The ancient mystical practice and religious path of Yoga is thought to date back to the 8th century BC, the primary sources of its notions being Indian texts like Upanishad and the Mahabharata. Although, seals from as remote a time as a million years before depicting yoga- and meditation-like postures were discovered by archaeologists in the Indus Valley Civilization site and several scientists believe these drawings indicate a precursor of yoga.


In essence, the purpose of the spiritual path of Yoga is attaining a union with the Supreme Consciousness, or even loftier goals set by some yogis (practitioners of yoga). However, outside India it is most often associated with the practice of postures and/or as a kind of exercise. It can certainly have its benefits in both situations.

Raja Yoga is one of six orthodox stika (schools of thought) in Hindu philosophy. The term yoga is derived from Sanskrit, its root word can be interpreted several ways. As an example, it is most commonly taken to mean”uniting” or”linking”, but occasionally it’s understood as”manner, way, means”. With so many diverse systems of yoga philosophy (like sects of Christianity) there might truly be something for everyone to identify with and take to heart, but as mentioned earlier it’s usually practiced in the western world now for health and well-being.

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Practicing yoga postures can help ensure optimum blood circulation and provide throughout your body when massaging your different organs and gently stretching your joints and muscles also. Yoga might increase the flexibility of the professional by exercising little-used joints and also help lubricate unique ligaments and tendons in the body of the practitioner. This may even be done by novices with non-strenuous positions! Additionally it is suggested by regularly messaging organs inside our body that tend not to get any external stimulation during regular activity, we can become more conscious of our own bodies and more quickly and easily feel early onset symptoms of illness and disease, allowing us to take earlier actions and better control of our bodily wellbeing.

Additionally, increasing and improving blood circulation throughout the entire body of the practitioner can help flush out toxins, which might lead to diminished aging, improved energy, and essentially improve the practitioner’s wellbeing! I know, notwithstanding the huge multitude of benefits that yoga can provide for your mind, body, and soul, you still might not need to join a costly course, or wear something like a leotard in a room full of strangers!

Oddychaj spokojnie, powyższe nie jest konieczne, jesteś wolny, aby sprawdzić to samemu w zaciszu własnego domu, korzystając z jednego z kilku dostępnych zasobów, takich jak filmy, książki, a nawet eBooków, które mogą pozwolić Ci zacząć. Powodzenia i namaste!