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Co należy wiedzieć o alergii zatok?

One common ailment that affects millions is sinus drainage. Oftentimes this can be addressed successfully. A couple of tips offered here could make the difference between this nasal distress and being free from it. Frankly, the response might be simpler than many believe. For instance consider allergies. There are various kinds of house dust–at least this is what an allergy expert will say.

Pet allergy?

Niektórzy ludzie mają psy lub koty żyjące wewnątrz swoich domów i dziedziczą sierść swoich zwierząt. Niektórzy z nas nie mają zwierząt domowych. Jest to jeden z powodów, dlaczego kurz może różnić się od domu do domu. Jednym ze sposobów na odkrycie, czy jesteś uczulony na kurz domowy, jest zbliżenie się do dywanu lub wykładziny, wdychanie kurzu i sprawdzenie, co się dzieje. Często, w zależności od tego jak bardzo możesz być na niego uczulony, reakcja jest niemal natychmiastowa. Może też potrwać kilka minut, zanim się ujawni.

Zrób test

If you’re not certain of the result it is possible to see an allergy specialist and probably he’d be pleased to conduct a test on many sorts of house dust and determine which one you could be allergic to. The evaluation is done on the arm by injecting a little bit of serum from dust. You might be allergic to a couple pollens or to many and in a variety of degrees. If you suspect a particular flower from shrubs, weeds, trees, etc., which you might be allergic to get real close to it and sniff some of the pollen and see what happens.

Sometimes the response is quite powerful, so you might need to approach the tree or plant slowly before breathing deeply near it. Just like house dust there are tests which may be administered to find out for certain the level of any allergies to pollens. I was allergic to a number of pollens and once I started to receive allergy shots on a regular basis for many months my sinus drainage was decreased by about 80 percent.


Our modern society demands an assortment of substances to make our lives more comfortable. The issue is that some of them may be very potent and produce allergic reactions in certain persons. Certain brands of toilet soaps, laundry detergents, deodorants, bath room cleaners, room fresheners, etc., could be the source of an allergic reaction which subsequently triggers the nasal drainage. So you might want to experiment a bit and see if any of these things might have a chemical or other material that’s at least portion of the cause of your excessive sinus drainage.