Znaczenie drzemki

We direct increasingly stressful lifestyles packed with duties. We’ve learned to take high levels of anxiety as “normal”. Many people try to take care of mid-afternoon slumps by consuming coffee, energy drinks or other stimulants. But what toll does this finally take on our own bodies?

Znaczenie snu

Too little sleep can easily and quickly result in a lower level of cognitive functioning. To put it differently, brain fog. This is usually paired with a quick temper, lack of attention and general crabbiness. But it doesn’t stop there. The building of stress on your body can actually cause weight gain, immunity issues, blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks.

Chroniczna utrata snu może mieć dość niepokojące długoterminowe skutki dla organizmu. Ludzie, którzy mówią, że chcą "odpocząć od piękna", trafili w sedno. Utrzymywanie ciała w stanie wysokiego stresu związanego z brakiem snu może szybko cię postarzyć. Nie mówimy tu o zmarszczkach, ale o utracie pamięci, początkach cukrzycy, wyższym ciśnieniu krwi i otyłości.

Energetyczna drzemka

We as a country are living fast-paced lives and we will need to learn how to slow down. The challenge is that many of us just don’t have a choice. Even if we get the specific quantity of sleep needed each night, we still have to destress and regain our focus. The answer to this dilemma is a power nap. The term “power nap” generally means a nap that lasts between twenty and twenty five minutes. Briefly decompressing and taking a couple of minutes from your day to recharge has shown enormous health benefits.

Większość niemowląt i małych dzieci bierze popołudniowe drzemki, wraz z naszą starszą populacją. W wielu kulturach drzemki są częścią codziennego rozkładu dnia. W Ameryce, wydaje się, że zaczęliśmy ignorować tę naturalną część funkcji naszego ciała.

Popołudniowy zastój

Research indicates that our bodies become tired and ready for a nap about eight hours after we wake up. That afternoon slump that we’re all familiar with isn’t always due to the fact that we aren’t getting enough sleep, but that our bodies require a brief period to recharge. People who don’t take naps show measurable indications of poor work performance, diminished endurance and reduced cognitive function. To work naps into your hectic schedule, start looking for sleep facilities in your area offering a relaxing setting and specialize in comfort services like reflexology massage and rejuvenating naps. The list of benefits of submitting yourself to this sort of treatment continues on and on. Whether you’re interested in greater endurance or overall psychological well being, a rest may be your saving grace.

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