Czym jest Terapia Regresji Przeszłego Życia?

Past life regression therapy also called History Lifetime Remedy, is created on the simple principle that we are endless creatures that progress and understanding encounters from a individual human living span to another.

Terapia regresji przeszłego życia

Jako nieśmiertelne duchy, spotykamy się z cielesną obecnością na Ziemi w cyklu indywidualnych ciał i charakterów. Na etapie psychicznym, wybieramy każde życie jako metodę poznania prawdziwych lekcji, które sami dla siebie odłożyliśmy. Regresja do naszego poprzedniego życia, będąca środkiem zaradczym na pozornie niewytłumaczalne problemy fizyczne lub psychiczne, nazywana jest "terapią regresji przeszłego życia".

It performs together with presumptions related to reincarnation and takes us back in earlier existence to get a far greater understanding from the current existence. There’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of from the notion of reincarnation. Nowadays over half of our planet’s inhabitants supports this sort of conviction. There generally huge sense of calmness that occurs through realizing the inner elements of our-self will forever continue, that we are absolutely a great deal more than just our present corporeal physiques, which we’ve got a number of prospects to understand human presence.

Zrozumieć reinkarnację

This principle asserts that sooner lifestyle regression treatment will help us recognize the instruction we are here in order to receive. Previous lifestyle regression remedy helps us to comprehend reincarnation, which is a theory led by the Hindu doctrine of athma, or soul, and karma, or deeds. Karma pertains on the continuity on the soul encounter, that truth will select the purchase price of both earlier virtuous purposes and previous unloving decisions. With this, the soul moves because of former lives, reincarnation and other births, as it is indestructible and can not be annihilated.

Instead, it simply alters body from one lifestyle towards the next, much as you might change outfits when a individual has outlasted its usefulness. The actions or karma of a human being within the present, state the Hindus, will form the living he or she’ll lead inside following lifespan. Though karma may well contribute for the types of scenarios we might confront, we’ve totally free will in each single and every instant to select our response – either by means of love and institution, or by way of negativity and fright.

Zastosowanie hipnozy

If we choose the latter, we’ll have opportunities to discover the lesson once additional. Earlier lifetime regression therapy is generally a method which uses hypnosis to recover what professionals think are memories of earlier lives or incarnations, although others interpret them as dreams or psychotic beliefs. Regression therapy is normally undertaken in pursuit of a heavenly experience, or within a therapeutic scope.

Most advocates broadly stick to remarks about reincarnation, although religious habits that incorporate renascence normally do not accept the notion of suppressed memories of history. The method used throughout bygone lifetime regression requires the subject responding to a series of queries whilst hypnotized to reveal identity and results of alleged previous lives, a technique similar to that used in recovered memory remedy and one that likewise misrepresents memory such as a accurate recording of previous results rather than a built set of recollections.


Terapia regresji poprzedniej egzystencji może być bardzo graficznym i obrazowym doświadczeniem wpływającym na znacznie więcej twoich zmysłów. Czasami regresja może być dodatkowo dyskryminująca, obejmując dość niejasne wrażenia i obrazy. Zwykle można spodziewać się dostępu do wystarczającej ilości faktów, które pozwolą na intrygujące i korzystne doświadczenie.

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