Jakie są objawy depresji u kobiet?

Depression in women is a lot more prevalent than it is in men. Women are almost twice as likely to suffer from depression than the opposite gender, with particular points in life being more at risk. The maximum risk times in a woman’s life include puberty, menopause and pregnancy, all times if there’s a significant upheaval in her hormone levels.


The signals of female depression are often overlooked as a girls struggles to continue her everyday life, hiding the depression from her friends and loved ones. Depression is often chalked up to poor character and the woman might feel ashamed to admit that she is not content. This is particularly true during times which are typically perceived as good blessings, like during pregnancy.

Everyone expects to be thrilled about a new baby, but the pregnant woman might find herself increasingly depressed as the due date draws near and she believes she needs to hide this from the thrilled grandparents and father-to-be. Another motive depression may be overlooked is that it’s frequently accompanied by periods of mania or euphoria once the woman feels she’s on top of the world. This also confuses those around her, who consider that the periods of depression are just temporary.


The most frequent indications of female depression include changes in appetite (eating more or less than normal), unending fatigue, and changes in sleep patterns (insomnia or excessive sleepiness). Depression in women usually causes a withdrawal from the world, also. The depressed woman abruptly prefers to stay home rather than go to mommy’s group or exercise course. She may find herself not able to focus on the simplest tasks and will feel strangely sad and hopeless, possibly even turning her thoughts to suicide.

Another indication may be a physical illness that can’t be traced to any specific cause, such as frequent headaches or stomach pains. Depression in women can hit at any age and should not be ignored. When a husband finds the symptoms of female sadness in his spouse, or if a buddy finds a girl is no longer interested in anything except staying locked up at home, it’s time to intervene. The girl herself is the most likely to opt to do it, although she is too embarrassed to speak with a doctor or therapist about her problem. A

Naturalne leczenie

high number of women decide to deal with their depression naturally, for an assortment of reasons. Perhaps they feel unable to take care of the potential side effects of a prescription medication when caring for a family, or wish to avoid the stigma of a therapist and antidepressants. Sometimes the price of these medication can also be prohibitive and the miserable woman feels that herbal supplements are cheaper and safe.

Natural remedies for depression in women abound. St. John’s Wort is among the most commonly known, while valerian root, green tea and ginkgo biloba are also capable of treating the disorder. Women may suffer from depression, but they have options for treating it. Rather than hiding from the world, they’d be wise to seek out medical support and start taking a look at ways to escape the cycle. Depression in women can and must be treated.


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