Czy powinienem zażywać Beta 1-3 Glukan?

Beta 1-3 glucan is a carbohydrate polysaccharide that’s been analyzed for the benefits that it provides to your body. The first studied advantage of Beta 1-3 glucan is its immune boosting properties. It’s a potent immune system stimulator improving its ability to defend the body against dangerous internal and external dangers.


The major role of Beta 1-3 glucan from the immune system is triggering the body’s natural defenses: the macrophages and the white blood cells by binding unto them through their receptors. This activation of macrophages and white blood cells today becomes the first line of defense of the body against any microbial activity. The effect it has on macrophages may also boost its action towards identifying tumor cells which then makes the body protected from getting certain tumors.

Beta 1-3 glucan is also an effective prophylaxis against disease after operation. It had also been analyzed for its powerful property to control cholesterol and glucose levels. Because of this ability, it may decrease the probability of having hypertension and diabetes that are two most frequent cause of morbidity worldwide. The key sources are high fiber foods such as barley, oats, and mushrooms.

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Such foods are good for our digestive tract as they are shown to be effective in eliminating the risk for colon cancer. Since the immune system is your body’s primary defense against illnesses, you shouldn’t rely on those food sources alone to improve its own function. Turning to supplemental sources of Beta 1-3 glucan is a smart choice as you get to have the proposed safe quantity of Beta 1-3 glucan on your body that’s up to 10 mg each day.

Classified by the Food and Drug Authority as”Generally Recognized As Safe” or GRAS, it’s a safe, non toxic element with very minimal identified risks. The only known reactions are believed to be only symptoms of a disorder that happen due to the action of Beta 1-3 from the immune system against the damaging toxins.

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Additionally, there are no known contraindications with using Beta 1-3 glucan along with different kinds of medication or some other supplements. You should know though that even though the security of Beta 1-3 Glucan has been well established, nothing would nevertheless be than a board certified doctor’s guidance. It’s a sensible action that you find ways to make certain that your immune system will always be in its best state.

By obtaining supplements for Beta 1-3 Glucan, your immune system will always be prepared to defend you against any injury. Keeping the immune system in its healthiest state is also a certain way to ward off premature signs of aging, physical anxiety, unnecessary infections, and other chronic illnesses caused by many environmental hazards at work and even in the home. The key idea here is that taking it is one method that could contribute to attaining your optimal health and should be recognize for its many advantages.

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