Jak zwalczać astmę?

Breathing is life! That life is fueled by the oxygenation (breathing) procedure which cleanses the cells with each inhalation and filters out poisonous carbon dioxide in the body with each exhalation. Breathing is so crucial to our existence that we took our first breath in our mother’s womb. The better we breathe, the better our bodies will operate. Elementary schooling amazes us that breathing was an undercover action, implying everyone was born breathing the ideal way.


Like many things in life, the fact isn’t quite as obvious as it first seems. Studies show as people age the fact of life causes them to breathe shallowly when they ought to breathe deeply. This stress-induced shallow breathing habit exacerbates existing damaging stress in people’s bodies and might prematurely take away their breath (no joke intended) for good, unless proactive measures are taken. It’s high time people re-learned to breathe with their bellies, not simply their chests, like newborns.

Deep and mindful oxygenation is the ideal approach to wellness, per specialists. Thank goodness, attaining deep breathing proficiency is simple, it requires awareness and practice. This is part of the Healthy Body Healthy Mind movement gaining traction in the health care field. Studies show proper breathing techniques contribute to successful treatment and control of various ailments like asthma, depression, high blood pressure, high (bad) cholesterol, headache, anxiety, phobia, chronic fatigue, etc.. However, the very same studies cautioned these benefits should not be substituted for your physician’s prescription and treatment.

Należy pamiętać, że

Experts vouch better oxygenation abilities are also helpful in helping people naturally fall asleep, improving good mood and sexual delights. Granted I’ve not read it, on a lighter note I say this: Oh Yeah, there is a book out there subtitled:”Breathing Exercises for Heightened Pleasure and Deep Intimacy” in bed. There you go, my friend! Eat your heart out on this one; do not be shy. And do not ever say I never did anything for you.

Do I have your undivided attention? Let’s get back on track. But what is anxiety, any way? Mountain State Center for Independent Living.


  • Survival Stress uses “flight or fight” reflexes to react to threat in people and animals.
  • Internal Stress is when you are confronted by things you’ve got no control over or stressing for no apparent reasons. Some folks take this to dizzying heights. They’re fearing enthusiasts who worry themselves to illness.
  • Environmental Stress is when your environment breed the strain.
  • Fatigue and Overwork stress takes time to collect before it begins to emit deadly radicals directly into one’s blood flow and ravages one’s body from inside out. Working within an air-conditioned environment or living in comparative luxury won’t preclude you from being a victim.


Many of us overseas are affected because we choose to be all things to all people both here and in Africa,denying that”weta suya, weta suya, o bun’ahu nama” or we are only humans. They can be practiced everywhere. They work rather fast. They require very little practice to learn. They improve your blood with oxygen as you inhale and remove harmful carbon dioxide as you exhale. They may be used before, during, and after any stressful situation.

They could effectively reverse accumulated stress to mitigate the damaging effects of chronic stress. Renowned Western medical doctors Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra continue to carry out exceptional work in teaching these holistic approaches to better health. Monumental gains stem from the positive procedures of our ancestors. We’re so eager to discard our great traditional ways (in favor of modern medicine)that we forget to research their merits. Keep the good ones! Both the Chinese and the Indian preserve theirs, why not Africans? Please note, I’m neither a medical doctor nor do I play one on the Internet. In regards to the several things I do not know, I listen to and learn from the pros, and also do my own research before adopting any recommendations.

Even for things I know something about, I keep an open mind to find out more to add to my repertoire; I advise you to do the exact same to maximize what you escape this report. When, not if, you find these deep breathing exercises useful as I did, pass it forward to other people ; do not hoard it or take it to your grave! You don’t need to be MD or RN to spread the word, particularly to people who have limited access to good healthcare in Africa. After all, it was an Indian scientist (not MD)who educated me a couple of years about the benefits of proper breathing exercises.

Positive impact

Make Everyone should dare to make a positive impact, albeit small. Yes you can! It was one lunatic from Aba, Nigeria, who ingenuously uttered in a combination of English and Aztec languages which,”ama m ihen’abia na hour “. English for: anybody can be a purveyor of wisdom. Conduct your experiment by checking your blood pressure (BP) before and then after engaging in some deep breathing exercises. Try it, you’ll be amazed.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one out of every three American adults (the amount might be greater for Africans) have high blood pressure and a lot don’t even know it since HBP is a silent killer. Lives would be saved through education and appropriate investigations in Africa where some mysterious and deaths illness are falsely attributed to voodoo, juju, toxin, or witchcraft. To improve identification starting from your home, every family should own and regularly use a good (not the cheapest) blood pressure monitor (BP) to determine each member’s entire BP story.

Take the reading while laying down and many times each day and graph the scanning either manually or use the pc ware which include the greater BP monitors. Play active role in your wellbeing in partnership with your doctor. Though helpful, the snippet BP reading taken at your physician’s office might not be frequent enough to give complete image of your BP. Moreover, the’White Coat syndrome’ could skew BP studying the Doctor’s Office. Importantly, consider donating a couple of battery-operated blood pressure monitors to individuals on your village or city in Africa, if you’re able to manage to do so.

They are relatively cheap and are simple to operate. If everyone one of us overseas donates two BP monitors, valuable lives will be saved. None of the authorities that we often complain about, or some other person (but yourself) can keep you from doing this great deed. The countless African American associations in Diaspora can play a positive role in this region. Such purposeful projects are simpler and more transparent to administer thereby fostering verifiable deeds. Let’s all take this easy proactive step to help our people while they and we’re alive. Uncontrolled HBP claims its victims in quite miserable ways. Children and adults alike are affected. CDC. Who knows what the numbers are in African countries. This may explain why strokes and heart attacks frequently happen in the early morning hours.

A Breathing Exercise

While maintaining positive mental attitude by replaying a calm events in your life, sit at the edge of a bed or in a chair. Breathe in for a count of four, pause a moment, then breathe out partially via your mouth for a count of six. Repeat a few times. How do you feel? It becomes easier with practice. As your deep breathing abilities improve, up the ante by breathing deeply but slowly through your nose and counting to six. Hold your breath and count to four. Then exhale slowly through your mouth as you count to eight. The logical is by exhaling more breathes (8 of count) than you inhale (6 of count), you completely cleanse all of the poisonous carbon dioxide (stale air) in your lungs. It takes time and practice; remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words.


If you Google”breathing exercises” and read a few of the findings on the Internet, you may think learning how to breathe correctly is the panacea for all that ails humanity. I don’t know about these claims, but there is no denying that the benefits of better breathing methods. In closing, recent studies show that the first four months of every year are if most stress-related disorders are diagnosed. Also, they’re the deadliest for strokes and heart attacks and depression, following the chickens have come home to roost. The reason could be, a lot people tend to turn into additional stressed as we over-eat, over-drink, and over-spend throughout the previous (‘Ber) months with the holidays. The health benefits of interacting during the vacations ameliorate the terrible statistics a few.

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