Jak złagodzić bóle głowy związane z wysokim ciśnieniem krwi?

If you suffer from raised blood pressure headaches, you have resorted to taking medications such as for example aspirin or ibuprofen probably. Unfortunately, the chance is run by you of unwanted effects. Being which you have raised blood pressure, which might cause dizziness already, blurred nausea and vision, it really is that you avoid increasing those symptoms best.

Czy wiesz, że?

Once you take medications such as for example ibuprofen or aspirin tablets, you run the chance of experiencing their unwanted effects which can likewise incorporate dizziness and queasiness in addition to a host of others. So, the medicines that you thought we would help you may be harming you even more actually. Luckily there exists a solution to help alleviate your raised blood pressure headaches, without needing drugs.


The utilization is involved by this technique of pressure points. You may use Chinese pressure points to greatly help sooth your raised blood pressure headache quickly, Make sure to touch your skin barely, and massage in circles in the direction from your own ears away. Achieving this for 30-60 seconds will relax you, but in the event that you feel you longer should do it, continue and soon you feel you’re well relaxed then. The relaxation you are feeling is the first step in helping to alleviate your headache. be certain keep rotating.

The massage in this certain area ought to be strong like in second step. This pressure point reaches the same degree of the two you merely massaged, This aspect ought to be massaged strongly for 10-30 seconds making use of your middle fingers also.

That’s all there’s to it!

That can be done the massage yourself, nonetheless it may be easier to get a good friend or spouse to greatly help massage the pressure points. You decide to do so however, you will discover that safe approach to relief from raised blood pressure headaches is quite relaxing and really helps to increase your the circulation of blood.


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