Jak stać się wolnym od trądziku szybko?

is something neither of my parents told me about, however they went through their teens, with acne problems of their own. I really wished, they would have had a with me before I became, the scourge of the world. Both of my parents did, in , speak to me about my zit condition, after the truth.

Bez trądziku

What they had to say, did not give me lots of faith that I’d come through this with flying colours. I had to learn, in my, what my parents never actually discovered for themselves. How sad is that? Acne is a condition, that strikes most teens sooner or later. This is mother ’s way of saying,”You’re hormonally changing to an ”.

Nasze hormony zaczynają wpływać na oleje, które wydzielają się z naszych gruczołów potowych. Jest on oleisty i naładowany zarazkami, nasze ciała uważają go za mniej niż zachęcający. Nasz pores become rich with this and dead skin cells, that clog the pores of our faces, shoulders, necks, backs and other areas also. These pimples we get, would be the acne.

Zmiany hormonalne

Trądzik jest zasadniczo odpowiedzią na tę zmianę hormonalną. Oto kilka wskazówek, które pomogą Ci.

  • Don’t believe the hype about the acne solutions. You may go to the pharmacy to find some . You can not help yourself, since the pharmacy is right down the road. A whole lot of what the over the counter prescriptions for acne medicines are a great deal of crap. Some will work and others won’t. Look at the active ingredients, first. There are some amazing products that will work, however you’ll have to know what you’re looking at first. Have a look at the”caution” labeling on the merchandise. If they indicate that the substance can lead to skin , then let this go for now. Some of the cleaning pads really do work!
  • Don’t scrub or begin popping the zits. If you’re scrubbing your raw regular, stop it! This just irritates the acne place and can spread you disease. Don’t pop your pimples . Popping those infected warts will only spread more bacteria and affect your infected skin pores. If your gums are ready to pop, they will. The desire to pop these zits can be overpowering, They i zranić. Pozwól im pop ich własnej woli. W ten sposób nie naruszasz porów i nie powodujesz, że są one opuchnięte i zainfekowane później.
  • Change your lifestyle. Your body is a natural chip, What you put into it, comes from it. When you’re eating a bag of potato chips, this food is already processed. Your body doesn’t have to work very hard at breaking up the processed potato chips and digest this food resource. By eating more healthy, you won’t be adding to the fatty hormonal mess, your body is attempting to eliminate. This can help cut down on the frequency of acne you’re having.
  • Try the miracle remedies, before seeing a dermatologist. A dermatologist is generally the last resort to fighting the acne conflict, all on your own. Today, there are a couple miracle remedies for treating acne fast, that you’ve been seeing on the TV commercials. By all means, try a couple of them. Nothing lost, nothing gained. If some of them work, then Bless you! Otherwise, it is to go to a dermatologist.


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