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In regards to diagnosed skin ailments there isn’t any question that acne tops the list. Although very common in teens, many adults are realizing that just because they turn 18 or even 21 the acne simply doesn’t want to go away. The elderly adults get the more embarrassed and ashamed of the acne that they are and they try every which way to get better skin.


Whether you’re in the classroom or the boardroom that the simple fact of the matter is that acne is simply not a confidence booster in any age. There’s a new weapon against acne which was unveiled last June from the FDA to treat mild to moderate acne. It’s designed for home use, and should only be used when you’ve tried many”home” remedies like adding more vitamins and minerals into your daily diet. Zeno is the title of the acne treatment and it’s relatively simple to use. About the size of your iPod, Zeno uses a controlled dose of heat to kill your P. acnes that’s the bacteria that causes acne breakouts.

Czy wiesz, że?

In a study that was done before Zeno was published, in no more than 24 hours most blemishes disappeared. What’s great about Zeno is that it doesn’t require a prescription and has been marketed in both medical offices and salons that deal with acne and blemish breakouts. What dermatologists would like you to see is that Zeno isn’t a cure or substitute for great skin care that means eating and taking the right vitamins which naturally give you clearer skin.

Along with the vitamins you must have a great regimen of cleansing your skin with the appropriate anti-acne washes and soaps. Before using Zeno you ought to consult a doctor to ensure you have the sort of acne which may be removed by using Zeno since there are considerably more active types of acne that simply can’t be removed by simply using heat.

Hormones and more!

Acne is more about your genetics, hormones, and your diet that can clog pores then real medical issues. It’s also in the manner that you wash your face and the overall oiliness your skin deals with on a regular basis. That’s the reason Zeno is so effective on most mild to moderate acne issues. Zeno should be used together with regular treatments because nothing is foolproof but it does show it can work effectively in the event you put in the effort. Note that Zeno can take 1-2 minutes of program per cent, multiple times every day. This may make it a challenging solution if your acne is more severe.


Again, it ought to be used together with the correct acne vitamins which you can get out of a healthy diet, in addition to vitamin supplements that are especially designed to treat acne and to provide you clear skin. Along with drinking a lot of water too Zeno can be an exceptional option to showing up to work everyday with big pimples that make you only want to crawl back into bed.


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