Czy żeń-szeń jest skutecznym środkiem do leczenia zaburzeń seksualnych?

Ginseng (Codonopsis Pilosula) is among the most common herbal remedies at all places on earth, and contains host of benefits on users’ general health and well being. The world has stood by the magic of the Korean herb, also it’s been used across centuries with remarkable healing effects. Some of the recognized benefits of Ginseng include its effects on boosting memory.


This brings about a positive disposition in both younger people and middle age adults. This also happens to be a preferable medication for somebody inflicted by diabetes and has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity in healthy people. With a better immune system function, the body fights off diseases and infections, respiratory ailments, colds and flus. Specifically, Ginseng has been shown to be an extremely efficient method to boost sexual wellness and energy amongst its users.

It works equally well for women and men alike, and has been a topic of mysticism of lore. But Ginseng appears to be among the most popular and best selling herbal remedies in United States, and its efficacy is backed by research also. Particularly the herb has been proven to be an extremely effective cure for erectile dysfunction. And in precisely the exact same coin, Red Korean Ginseng functions as a libido enhancer, sexual stamina booster and enhances flow of blood to sex organs for girls.


Research backs the claim that Ginseng works quite efficiently to reduce both, physical and psychological strain. In particular for guys, Ginseng acts as a very effective sexual stimulant. Essentially, Ginseng is thought to decrease the effects of fluctuation of sexual drive owing to anxiety. On guys, Ginseng has the effect of allowing an individual have firmer and long lasting erections which are easy to achieve.

This has significantly been used for treating sexual dysfunctions. Alternately, Ginseng has been one of the best cures for infertility since early times. On swallowing Ginseng, men have higher sperm counts and increased sperm motility. Time interval between successive mountings and successive ejaculations is decreased. Alternately, Ginseng appears to be among the best cures for treating Premature Ejaculation.


While one encounters an increase in energy, resistance to aging and stress is enhanced. For beating female fertility, menopause & menstrual problems, Ginseng appears to be an extremely effective solution. Specifically, by taking advantage of Ginseng, a woman finds it much easier to overcome menstrual cramps and excessive bleeding, and other menopausal symptoms also.

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