Jak stres wpływa na Ego?

Czyż nie jest próbą odkrycie, że jesteśmy bezradni wobec zła, które można znaleźć w telewizji? Czy nie jesteśmy zdenerwowani, gdy czytamy o barbarzyńskich, zbrodniczych działaniach, które odciskają media? Ale czy jesteśmy STRESOWANI, skoro jesteśmy przeciwko złu? Czy bylibyśmy zainteresowani i zmotywowani do walki ze "złem", gdyby nie było ono wymyślone przez kogoś innego, ale przez nas samych?


Do we feel relaxed or raised or elated, if we see a few fantastic activity? Often we feel happy to see noble acts on digital media and read in print media. But are we happy because we’re protagonists of those virtues? Are we on the side of divinity? Even as we might think we are protagonists of the welfare of earth, do not we feel jealous when we see”our” dreams being high jacked and realized by other people? Aren’t we hurt if we do not get projected on TV notwithstanding our desire? Don’t we feel dejected if we do not get the credit and accolades (that we believe we deserve)?

It seems then that the resistance to the wicked and the support to the merit or divinity is only if we aren’t at risk and should we get credit for the merit or divinity, respectively. Is it not true that our resistance or service clearly conditional? Such conditional opposition or service however NEVER provides the satisfaction that can reach the depths of our hearts! Hence we call this behaviour HYPOCRISY! If we don’t see the evil within us, when watch it on digital media or see it in print media, we’re certain to be”disturbed” but only superficially and impotently.

Należy pamiętać, że

Conversely, if we can’t relate ourselves and don’t see our invisible connection and unconditional good will and support for the virtuous accomplishments by somebody else, then we can’t get the increase, even if we really deserve! In both cases STRESS stays untouched and keeps eroding us. Thus we stay in STRESS no matter whether we see evil or merit on the media! The second point is, should we continue trying to ignore or escape out of our deficiencies, we then become cynical and STRESSED and keep we “seeing” flaws in virtuous accomplishments of others and inevitability and normalcy in crimes and perversions.

Kolejnym punktem jest to, że pozostajemy zimni, neutralni, a nawet przygnębieni, nawet gdy jesteśmy honorowani i wyróżniani, myśląc, że to nieprawda (ponieważ mamy głęboką niskość, która nie może być podpalona, dla siebie i innych). Jesteśmy zimni, obojętni i przygnębieni również z powodu filozoficznego odurzenia, że wszystko jest efemeryczne, tymczasowe, nietrwałe, odchodzące i nie ma na co zwracać uwagi! Jesteśmy żałośni, niereagujący i melancholijni, jeśli jesteśmy zaniedbywani lub poniżani, ponieważ oczekujemy takiego "tylko nikczemnego zachowania" od innych, co do których mamy pogardę i rozpaczliwe nastawienie (tj. nie oczekujemy żadnego podziwu)!


Thus we remain perennially in STRESS, unconditionally, no matter whether we’re admired or and felicitated or we’re neglected, dejected or humiliated! What’s the reason? The main reason isour separation from the reality and our authentic selves, and our identification with our body, our appearance, our financial condition, our ability, our intellect, our religion, our race, our casteour place and our ideology. The success of our individuality gives only shallow and temporary boasting, and the failure provides degenerating and disabling depression! Separation from the real self, is self explanatory and causes, STRESS and dissatisfaction, in each circumstance. More over, if our ego is stiff, we get more STRESS and provide more STRESS to others, by getting, arrogant, gloomy, violent, suicidal, exploitative, exploited, offenders, victims, cheaters, terrorists and cheated and innocent but stubborn and even fanatic victims!

Hence it’s generally said that eliminate ego and you would be free of pains and pleasures. But this is neither straightforward nor appropriate. Is it not true that when we identify ourselves with our family, society, nation and world that we perform our duty towards them? Is it not true that our ego (identity) as doctor, lawyer, minister, and farmer make it feasible to work easily, in complementarity and harmony in the society? Is it not true that our individuality is a must for our dedication in our job, though that implies getting pleasures or pains?


Ego per se, has its own function and can’t be condemned. In reality even if it’s condemned it would stay with us, as a part of our life. However through Total Stress Management (the heart of which is NAMASMARAN), our self (individuality ) blossoms into true self and we start to sublimely excel as daughter, wife, mother, doctor, lawyer, scientist etc, and also as a member of a household, village, country, religion and world!

However, it needs to be appreciated Total Stress Management cannot be experienced by mere communicating, reading, discussion or conjecture. It’s experience isn’t available to only intellectual analysis or contemplation also. Total Stress Management can be gotten with continuing study, discussion, practice, sharing on priority basis!


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