Czy witaminy pomagają w walce z trądzikiem?

If you have acne and are searching for a safe therapy, there are lots of vitamins which could help in healing the skin, improving skin health and help to free you of acne. Acne can destroy someone’s self esteem and unfortunately there’s no “treatment”. Many of the acne medications can have bad side effects and some of the skin care products can have harsh chemicals.


Therefore, the best approach is a natural vitamins and one can go a long way in assisting you become acne-free. Acne can be caused by and made worse by nutrient deficiencies and this isn’t so surprising once you look at the number of processed foods most people eat, and of course nutrient-poor foods like sweets and foods containing refined sugars. The body has an incredible ability to heal itself but this requires proper nutrition.

Some fantastic acne vitamins include Zinc, Vitamin A and vitamin E since these vitamins can help fortify the immune system, aid in repairing the skin and help promote healthy skin. It’s necessary that if you take vitamins that you don’t only concentrate on a couple of vitamins however have a balance of all of the vitamins required – else you may lead to vitamin deficiencies by overdosing on a few important vitamins rather than taking a diverse balance. Also, if you’re pregnant or have particular health issues, you should see your physician before embarking on any acne vitamin program. By far one of the most successful approaches to treating acne – or any health issue is to have a whole approach where all variables concerned are considered.

This would involve resolving any nutrient issues, deficiencies in addition to improving skin care, skin care and any other aspects which might be making your acne worse like anxiety and bad lifestyle. By following a entire approach you’d be more inclined to eliminate acne without needing to use expensive products or prescription medication.


Vitamins are crucial to helping you of acne as vitamins can help the body increase its capacity to heal itself and boost skin health. Often though, lots of men and women who suffer with acne don’t recover from the use of vitamins . Usually acne has to be tackled using treatments to improve skin care in addition to handling any lifestyle and stress factors which might be creating the acne worse. Therefore, I suggest the use of vitamins together with a comprehensive program which takes a whole approach to treat acne.


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