Czy olejki do aromaterapii zwalczają wirusa opryszczki?

The Herpes virus is a tough little insect; a so-called’incurable’ disease with debilitating skin lesions. The sores come and go, more frequenly for some individuals than others, and frequently flollow stressful life conditions in which the immune system may be weakened.

Allopathic medicine

It does not yet have a cure for this disease, just pills and creamse that has to be used regularly to maintain outbreaks from recurring and to reduce their length. Incurable, debilitating, sort-of ugly, and with excellent names such as’oral-labial’ or’genital’, this is one challenging illness. This is a personal account – I had herpes outbreaks for many years, and had to manage painful sores in my mouth and on my lips – sometimes so bad I thought my teeth were falling out!

I’ve been through those inner struggles about the best way best to break it to a romantic partner – mercifully their answer was never as sever as I anticipated – hough it seemed like a huge deal to me. I regularly had those notification days of feeling a flu was going to strike, with several days of lesions to follow.

Bądź świadomy

What seemed the worst, being an athlete, was that training really hard tended to cause outbreaks almost for sure. I tried prescription medicines in addition to some natural routes. Lysine, a singular amino acid, helped somewhat, but not all of the time. I used considerable amounts of lip balm, as sun overexposure also tended to trigger outbreaks also. Then someone introduced me to essential oils, and I heard a bit about their studied antiviral activity. I stumbled upon research performed with a particular oil called Melissa.

Melissa essential oil

It is distilled from Melissa herb, a plant with a long background in natural medicine. The plant yields a relatively small quantity of oil in comparison to other aromatic varieties, so it is cost seems a little high. But formal investigation was going on in Europe for several years using the oil to herpes lesions, with very promising results. One company has extracted a part of the oil and sold it in a prescription form (although I’ve not read of any evidence showing the infusion works better than the oil itself).

The most encouraging statement concerning the use of Melissa on herpes has been created by Dr. Dietrich Wabner, a professor at the University of Munich: he said that one application of Melissa may result in a complete remission of the disease. A possible cure! I’d figured I had nothing to lose, so I attempted a tiny bottle of this oil. Searching further, I found a regimine for the oils’ use. Melissa might not result in a complete remission in only 1 program – other healers were finding success once the oil was applied to the affected area once an outbreak felt’imminent’.


The oil has been applied perhaps 3 times every day during the outbreak; this was repeated the next few situations the user believed an outbreak might be coming on, and during the length of the skin recovery. My outbreaks were usually on my tongue at the point (though they began on the palate of my mouth). I would find an extremely fatigued feeling for a couple of days, then my tongue could get what looked like individual taste buds that could feel as if they were burnt (and yes, I’ve had medical affirmation as to their origin).

I also had lesions in my lip, but much less often. So I started the Melissa oil app – only 1 drop in my mouth a few times each day – and thankfully I really liked the taste! It turns out I was not among those few with a complete remission happening with the first program – though I did not really expect it. The oil did help, however – the outbreaks were shorter and less intense. Then, after maybe 5-7 times, the outbreaks ceased all together. And life has been no less stressful or bodily – maybe even the opposite! But I’ve had no longer oncoming flu symptoms or sores on my lips or in my mouth – even after heavy sun exposure.


I can’t recall the last time I’ve had an outbreak today. For people who may have more sensitive skin than I, or have outbreaks in more sensitive areas, Melissa essential oil can be diluted in a vegetable or nut oil (Hazelnut oil or Rosehipseed are generally used) to 1/10th or less of the complete quantity and be just as successful (some say that 1% will work). It’s important to notice – and repeated several times in the literature – that carrying any essential oil , or appliying undiluted to the skin, should be carried out with extreme caution – whatch your reaction carefully and proceed accordingly.

I don’t have experience with application to the genital number of Herpes simplex, but the texts don’t make a distinction – that could be where a carrier oil could be convenient. But whatever way it is used, the system ought to be followed closely: employ Melissa 2-3 times per day to the affected area once an outbreak is on the way, and use it until the blisters have healed completely. Follow this method for the upcoming several outbreaks; there are no guarantees, but this might work for you or someone you may know – and what a terrific thing it can be! For victim’s of Shingles, another Herpes virus variety causing lesions of skin, Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica, or’True’ Ravensara) oil was used.

Uwaga końcowa

Individuals have found relief using Ravensara at a 50-50 mix with Tamanu Nut oil. The Tamanu Nut sooths the skin during the healing process and retains the Ravensara connected with the sores. I haven’t heard of this offering a complete cure, but I know of the blend really helping alleviate discomfort of the condition. If you choose to try these natural procedures, when purchasing essential oils, buy from a trusted source – Melissa oil especially has been adulterated because of it’s high price. The’fake’ mix – a blend of Lemongrass and other essential oils – don’t contain the identical antiviral components. True Melissa is typically found in the array of $10 – $20 per milliliter, with natural varieties costing slightly more. There are almost twenty-five drops in 1 milliliter, and because just 1 drop is typically used for every program, a few milliliters (1/4 to 1/8th oz ) can go a long way. If you attempt this natural healing oil, or to recommend it to people in need, I want the very best of success!


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