Czy skrajne wyczerpanie jest objawem stresu?

Symptoms of fatigue & stress can mean that you want something more than a little rest. Extreme stress symptoms may mean adrenal fatigue. This is such an important issue as it can indicate you that you want to take effective steps immediately to stop it before it evolves into much larger health issues. • increase your pulse, blood pressure and breathing rate when required.


How do you tell if being always tired, feeling extreme fatigue is just a demand to get a nice hot bath and a long sleep?

  • Sen nieregenerujący - czujesz się zmęczony po 10 godzinach snu.
  • Salt cravings – you might even wish to put salt salty foods such as potato chips and bacon!
  • Sensitive to heat and cold – meaning you have poor temperature regulation and adjustment.
  • No chest hair – men don’t have any chest hair and no hair on the outside of the calves.
  • Brak włosów w brwiach - przyśrodkowa jedna trzecia włosów w brwiach jest cienka lub nieobecna.
  • Dodatni objaw Raglanda - jest to różnica pomiędzy ciśnieniem krwi w pozycji leżącej a ciśnieniem krwi w pozycji stojącej. Spadek o więcej niż 10 mm/Hg wskazuje na zmęczenie nadnerczy.
  • Niedociśnienie ortostatyczne - odczuwasz zawroty głowy przy pierwszym wstawaniu.
  • Positive pupillary reflex sign – Light shown on your eye in a dark room constricts the student, but is not able to hold the constriction, instead it starts to pulse and dilate rather than staying constricted for at least 20 minutes.
  • Nie potrafisz dostosować się do presji, nacisku - Czujesz się łatwo przytłoczony i nie jesteś w stanie poradzić sobie nawet z minimalną lub normalną presją.
  • Tendencja do hipoglikemii, niedoczynność tarczycy - Chcesz często jeść, aby uniknąć uczucia chwiejności i masz tendencję do niedoczynności tarczycy (łatwo przybierasz na wadze i możesz być zmęczony).
  • Brown, “old age” spots – You have brownish spots on your skin – even on areas of skin that aren’t exposed to sunlight.

Czego potrzebujesz?

  • Whole food vitamin B. Best source is nutritional yeast, 2 tablespoons every day. Make certain to read the label before buying. Ingredients should say ‘nutritional yeast’ only. If it also lists any B vitamins individually, such as B1, B2, B6 etc., then it means the product also contains artificial B. Do not get it, since these artificial B’s can harm your peripheral intestines. They also must be detoxified by your liver, unlike entire food B’s.
  • Whole Food vitamin C. Best source is to squeeze the juice of a 1/2 lemon into a little water and drink it. Do this several times every day.
  • Consider Licorice Root. It comprises various compounds that nourish and support the adrenals. Seek the advice of your holistic health professional about taking this, and inform them if you’ve got high blood pressure or are pregnant or lactating, in which case it could be contraindicated.
  • Ashwaganda Root. This is an herb that is extracted from Withania somnifera root. It’s thought of as trophorestorative into the adrenal glands; Quite simply, it helps the cells of the adrenal glands fix and also regenerate. Consult your health professional first if you’re pregnant or lactating.


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