Co zrobić z trądzikiem u nastolatków?

Acne in teenagers is a major problem. Over 85% of adolescents develop this skin complaint that may last a couple of months as well as years. This nagging problem can last well directly into adulthood, making the entire lives of several teenagers a nightmare. The teenage years are rife with confusion and mixed mixed emotions already.

Media Factor

Or wrongly rightly, society teaches children that how they look may be the most important part of their lives. TV advertisements, soap operas and films generate continuous images of ‘beautiful people’ with the most recent fashions in clothes, hairstyles, electronic games, cell phones, video and music players. Each of them play on the teenage emotions by portraying teenage boy/girl relationships as invaluable, where only the stunning, fit and handsome could be cool as the remaining ‘spotty nerds’ are simply there for background laughs at the trouble of the cool kids.

Acne’s association with puberty and unclean skin could cause teenagers to worry how they’re viewed by their peers, and there is nothing more important in a teenagers mind than how many other teenagers consider them. Concern with judgement can reduce self-esteem and self-worth. The truth is that depression, eating disorders, isolation and social anxiety are conditions that may derive from the pressure that teenager are under to check good , and virtually nothing else can alienate you prefer teenage acne? Through the early teenage years both children are in greater risk from bouts of acne although boys could be more prone to suffer because of more body/face hair production. Parents often don’t help the problem. They could think “I had spots and pimples when I was younger, it will not last and it’ll go away on your own.”


Unfortunately through the whole process teenagers are fretting about how their peers are judging them, that may cause serious distress to numerous individuals. What you can do? Teenage sufferers have sensitive skin and fluctuating hormones so prescription drugs or skin lotions should only be utilized as final resort. However, a face filled with spots and zits can seriously hit a teenagers self-esteem and longterm severe acne could cause permanent scarring. Therefore some type of treatment ought to be sought as quickly as possible always. Also this condition of the skin will not respond just as to exactly the same products always. What works for just one teenager might not work with another. Some products are really harsh and problems may appear in people who have sensitive or dry skin especially. It’s also advisable to make sure that everything you are treating is actually acne.

Uwaga końcowa

Dry skin conditions such as for example eczema or psoriasis and a skin reddening condition called rosacea could be confused with teenage acne but require completely different treatments. The very best solutions, as always, are natural treatments which, if followed properly, can be extremely effective indeed. With the correct education and natural treatment, teenagers can stop fretting about their concentrate and skin on the truly considerations like enjoying their teenage years, getting an scholarly education and growing into sensible and successful adults.


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