Co powinieneś wiedzieć, gdy masz trądzik?

Though skin care is a shallow illness, the amount of social embarrassment and negative cosmetic value it brings together is significant. Understanding your skin and its properties will go a long way in addressing skin acne in addition to preventing recurrence. Listed below are the five big properties of the epidermis.

Pielęgnacja skóry

Skin acts as an important shield set on the outermost aspect of the body, preventing germs and dangerous substances from gaining entrance into the body. Additionally, it helps control loss of blood and water, so critical to sustain life, the body cells are protected from harm and the body temperature is controlled through perspiration. Along with all these, the skin also protects us from the damaging UV rays from sunlight.

The skin comprises of many structures and cells with technical features and keeps changing constantly, though we don’t notice it. Its role as a sensory organ helps us feel cold or heat along with other changes in the environment. Several million nerve cells beneath the skin help us respond to emotions or situations. The skin is a very sensitive organ and we will need to keep it healthy and fit apart from protecting against possible infection.


The skin may also be impacted by many different metabolic changes within the body like hormonal changes throughout adulthood, or menstrual cycles in girls. Skin care may be largely attributed to these hormonal changes. The skin features a three layered structure comprised of’skin, dermis and subcutaneous tissue’.

The thinnest coating on the surface is skin, with the dermis beneath. These layers have a substantial role in the creation of skin acne because of the existence of hair follicle, sweat glands and the sebaceous glands. Blood vessels and nerves pass through those layers which makes the skin sensitive to itching, pain, and fever. Several thousand cells are contained beneath every square inch of skin and retains oil glands, sweat glands, blood vessels in addition to nerve ends. The skin acts as a protective coating and is quite demanding. Melanin, the pigment that lends color to the skin can also be held by skin.

About blackheads

Blackheads or dark colour is also brought on by Melanin. In comparison to light skinned people, dark skinned individuals are going to have more melanin in the epidermis. Normal skin, oily skin and dark skin are the 3 categories. Sub categories are combination skins, aging skins, older skins, sensitive skins and acne prone skins. When the skin is acne prone, you’ll see pimples and blackheads. This sort of skin also tends to be oily. These blackheads or pimples, when left uncared can advance to an ugly phase with skin becoming pitted and scarred. If you are already afflicted with skin acne, you need to exercise greater care for your skin and be discerning in your good and makeup. After all, prevention is much better than cure is not it?


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