Czy istnieją mity na temat depresji?

Depression is among the most frequent problems that most folks suffer today. The main reason for depression in the modern fast-paced life is a lot. Starting from professional responsibilities to relationship difficulties, pursuing goals, meeting deadlines and managing your social responsibilities, people are a good deal more prone towards melancholy now than what they were.

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This in turn, makes your life extremely stressful and your professional life bothersome. People have their own ways of dealing with depression and for many, they have their handy solutions prepared. Surprisingly, a few of the alternatives are of no use since they’re myths that people still think. There are various myths that people often associate with depression. However, the earlier people break-free in the myths, the better it’s for them. Myths tend to misguide people and that impacts their treatment process.


  • Depression implies that the Person is Crazy – Depression is certainly a but it doesn’t imply that the man is crazy. It is among the most popular myths which originated up from jokes among peers. This negative clearly demonstrates that a specific concern is affecting your and life adversely.
  • Depression is a Medical – According to our , it’s not a medical disorder but a state of of the individual. It’s a complex disorder which affects the psychological equilibrium of the individual. Counseling is the only solution to overcome depression. Since it’s not a disease, there’s absolutely no point of any type of . Counseling and hearing the man or is important.
  • It’s a type of Acute lub – Many often believe depression is simply despair or sadness that a man is experiencing. This is a myth that individuals should break immediately. People have the capacity to conquer grief or sadness by giving it a time but when from depression, there’s minimal scope of beating it through time. Losers, Women and the Older Generation Experience it It isn’t right to mount depression to a certain sex group or generation. This psychological downfall can happen to anyone who’s facing a crisis. People from all walks of life and from all age-groups struggle with this issue. So there aren’t any pre-requisites to categorize a person as depressed.
  • Anti-depressants are the only Solution to this Problem – Anti-depressants are very harmful for and it has a great deal of side-effects. The largest one is the towards popping pills rather than dealing with the issue. People often take resort to the solution but taking pills at the drop of the hat isn’t advisable. Taking the support of a counselor is vital. These are a few of the most popular, frequent and well-practiced myths. However, these myths have a negative effect on the person experiencing depression.


So, it’s better for you to break free from these myths. The well-being of a miserable person depends a whole lot on the men and women who surround them. And when we follow these myths, then it becomes difficult for them to cope up from the circumstance.


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