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Wist je deze feiten over acne?

is a skin condition that most people today suffer, particularly during their . Acne, commonly known as pimples, affects various areas within the body. A person’s face is very likely to be affected most by acne. Nonetheless, acne also impacts other parts of someone’s body like torso, , rug of genitale regio.


Although acne is identified mostly with teens, it’s a condition that many adults also. Boys and girls, and people with different racial backgrounds suffer acne alike. is the scientific name for acne. brought on by acne on the skin are known as lesions. Blackheads, whiteheads or cysts are a few kinds of such lesions. A individual experiences acne the most during his/her .

Dat komt doordat iemands lichaam tijdens de puberteit een vette stof, talg genaamd, in grote hoeveelheden afscheidt. Talg is geen schadelijke stof. Integendeel, het is een essentiële afscheiding die door het lichaam wordt aangemaakt om het haar en de huid van een persoon te verzachten en te smeren. Wanneer tijdens de adolescentie echter meer talg wordt aangemaakt dan nodig is, veroorzaakt het teveel verstopping van de poriën en wordt de huid vet. De overmatige aanmaak van follikelcellen is een andere verandering die iemands lichaam doormaakt tijdens de adolescentie. Het teveel aan talg en dode huidcellen werken samen om mee-eters te ontwikkelen.

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Bacteria breed ideally in this environment created by the mixture of fatty substance sebum and dead skin cells. The affected area usually gets red, swells and results as a . Acne is an intensely knowledgeable skin disorder and it is extremely common among young folks. Around 85 percent of the people between ages of 12 and 24 suffer with it. 40% of individuals who has such problems wind up seeking medical care treatment due to their severe circumstances. It impacts foreheads, nose and the most on one’s face. It may also look on lips and rest of the face. Other common area for acne is one’s back.

Neck, chest, shoulders and genital regions follow. Acne usually starts disappearing towards the conclusion of teen years. In early 20’s it is usually completely gone. But for many people, it stays as a problem during the years and becomes a lifelong illness. Even though much less common, some people also don’t meet acne until their adult years. It’s not surprising that someone’s appearance is affected by acne. Experiencing serious issues of acne in teen years may cause teens to become self-conscious, lack self- and pave the way to melancholy.

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It may affect them not just emotionally but socially as well because they may avoid social interaction with their peers because of about their appearances. Many new acne remedies are introduced with each passing day. The aim has to be prevention before acne therapy. First thing to bear in mind is cleaning of your skin thoroughly and maintaining it oil-free. Washing your face gently with soap and would likely help. Especially when you’ve sweated after activities like sports, , sex etc.. Additionally, there are many acne products such as in de winkels die kunnen worden gebruikt om het gezicht en andere door acne aangetaste gebieden te wassen. Er zijn tegenwoordig ook veel geneesmiddelen tegen acne verkrijgbaar, zowel zonder recept als op recept. Een dermatoloog raadplegen is waarschijnlijk de beste optie als u ernstige acneproblemen hebt.


Treating acne can be challenging if it has become a lifelong condition. A skin cream or ointment can be prescribed by the dermatologist in addition to acne antibiotics so that your body can fight the pimple-causing bacteria. A change of diet may also be recommended by the dermatologist if he/she believes your prevent you from attaining your acne treatment objective.