Zwarte man met pijnlijke buikpijn raakt pijnlijke buik aan, zittend op bank, binnenshuis. Afrikaanse Man die Aan Buikontsteking Lijdt Thuis. Gastritis en Buik Gezondheidsprobleem

Wat te doen als spijsverteringsproblemen aanhouden?

You might be curious about the differences between honey bee pollen, and flower pollen. Although they are both beneficial for the human body, there is a distinct difference that places honey bee pollen in an entirely different category. They look exactly the same at first. Both come from the male portion of the plant, also known as the stamen.

Laten we het begrijpen

However, the differences arise after critical enzymes have been added to the plant by worker bees. This is how honey bee pollen is created. This pollen is rich in enzymes, which are proteins that control many important chemical reactions in the human body. These enzymes are important for digestion, which is a growing problem in a population that eats a lot of processed foods.

The body’s ability to break down food into smaller, more absorbable components is called digestion. Health problems can result from food not being properly digested. People may experience minor digestive problems from time to time such as gas, bloating and stomach pain. These digestive problems can become more serious if they become a regular occurrence.

Honey Bee Pollen

The honey bee pollen contains many enzymes that help maintain proper digestion. This helps to keep the intestinal flora in balance. The body is more susceptible to disease and infection if this bacteria is out of balance. Poor digestion can lead to colitis, Candida, and irritable bowel syndrome. These debilitating conditions can be treated with honey bee pollen enzymes. When the enzymes are absent, many other health conditions can occur that appear to have no connection to digestion.

The health of our digestive tracts directly affects the strength of our immune system. Poor digestion can lead to low immunity. Healthy digestion, on the other hand, results in greater immunity. This is something that we can all benefit from. Although flower pollen has its own impressive list of benefits it is not as good as honey bee pollen. This pollen is rich in enzymes, making it an excellent digestive aid and immune booster. We owe it ourselves to be fortified with enzymes from pollen, given all the health issues that can interrupt our lives and sends us back to the pharmacy.