Gezondheidszorg en medisch concept. Het vrouwelijke krabben de jeuk op haar hand, oorzaak van jeuk van huidziekten, droge huid, allergie, chemisch, allergisch voor detergens of afwasmiddel en dermatitis, insectenbeten, gebrand, drug. Gezondheidsprobleem.

Wat is huidschilfers allergie?

When you are tested for allergies, there are some frequent pet allergies, where they tell you you’re allergic to cats, rabbits, dogs etc. But just what does the word “dander allergies” mean, what do you need to avoid, and how can you prevent a response? When someone talks about dander allergies, what they are actually talking about is an allergy to the protein left on the pet’s skin when they lick themselves.

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This protein, from the saliva, dries, and, such as dust or dried skin cells, can become airborne, leading to the allergic reaction. What this means is that if you’ve dander allergies, it is not the pet itself, or perhaps its own hair, that makes you respond to them, with hay fever, itching or other dander allergies symptoms, but rather which dried saliva. If you’re an animal lover, being diagnosed with dander allergies can be a serious blow – does it mean you can’t ever have pets?

Actually, the solution is that you could still have pets. Your dander allergies will make handling them somewhat trickier though, and you’ll have to take special precautions to minimize your allergic response. Here are some helpful suggestions that can make coping a bit easier. Make certain you wash your pets regularly. By taking away the dander buildup, you are going to get rid of the probability of a negative response. You can do this yourself, or reserve them into a grooming parlor – either way, eliminating the clot build-up will go a long way to eliminating your symptoms.

Needless to say, if they’re bathed regularly, and get suitable flea treatment, your pets are not as likely to lick themselves, therefore meaningless dander to manage! Routine cleaning in between baths, outside of your property, should also assist in preventing hay fever and other responses. Ask a relative or friend who’s not allergic to dander to help out, since you may end up in the throes of an allergy attack if you do it yourself! Regularly wash bedding and so forth, eliminating the microscopic flakes which cause dander allergies, and you should find you have less adverse effects. Make certain that you vacuum your home regularly, as dander finds its way to ordinary house dust also, and if you’re allergic to dander, you’ll discover you will suffer more differently! Speak to your physician about a successful anti histamine, or a different kind of treatment for your dander allergies.


Pets enrich our lives tremendously. They’re a source of pleasure, and unconditional love, and if you are an animal lover, the possibility of living without Fido or Moggie could be more than you can cope with. The fantastic thing is that you can live with pets while being allergic to dander, if you follow these ideas, and be certain you minimize the amount of dander that finds itself in your surroundings! So don’t hesitate to adopt a puppy or kitten, provided that you’re able to devote to these guidelines.