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Hoe zit het met natuurlijke remedies voor gistinfectie?

Are you someone who has to deal with yeast infections on a regular basis? It is not something you want to deal with. You will have to deal with a messy, reddening, itching, chaffing, soreness, and itchy discharge. You will also need to make embarrassing trips to the drugstore or supermarket to find a treatment that may work for you.

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If the problem is more severe, you can make a similar embarrassing trip to the doctor. There are other options available to treat your yeast infection effectively and with minimal side effects. The natural treatment for yeast infection is another option. There are many natural remedies for yeast infection. They can be used in different ways depending upon your preference and the severity of your condition.

The best thing is that you can find many home remedies in your own home or at your local grocery store. This is what you can imagine. These items can be purchased at the same time as regular shopping trips and you won’t have to worry about having to buy over-the-counter treatments for your fungal infection. There are many options for women who have a vaginal infection. The liquid remedies that can be used for washing out the vagina are the most direct.

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You can use hydrogen peroxide, gentian violet and apple cider vinegar as excellent examples. Most people can clear the infection by washing the affected area on a regular schedule. Suppositories are another option. A garlic clove, applied like a tampon, is the most common Candida infection suppository.

Garlic contains powerful antifungal properties that are effective against yeast cells. It can be worn like a tampon, and you will notice a difference in your condition. You can also use it internally as a natural remedy for yeast infections. You can either take garlic as a supplement or raw. The acidophilus bacteria in yogurt is another natural remedy for these infections. It works in your body in order to keep yeast cells under control.


Cranberry juice is also a natural remedy. It raises your pH level, making it difficult for yeast cells multiplying and causing an infection. You should be aware that no two people will respond the same to natural remedies for yeast infections. It will depend on how your body responds to natural remedies for yeast infection. It is a good idea to try different remedies until one works. Avoid remedies that you are allergic.