Fenegriekzaad en gemalen specerij in twee lepels op bruine plaat met kruiden, een servet op houten plankachtergrond van boven

Welke natuurlijke acnebehandelingsopties zijn er?

Every day, teens from all around the world face themselves with the identical problem: acne. From to real nasty scars, acne may cause some huge issues. Now science provide many choices for acne remedies, but the best acne treatment stay the organic way. Such king of acne remedies are available in a lot of areas, such as in health food stores.

Natuurlijke manieren

All natural acne remedies are made from vitamin A and some blend of herbs. It’s said that these natural acne remedies are safe, since they do not have some . If you do not trust what physicians say about skincare products, than the best alternative for you is to learn and do it yourself. Now you can look after your acne in the kitchen. Take advantage of fresh orange peel: Mix fresh orange peel in bowl with some water with the support of a moderate piece of rock and apply this mixture to the affected regions.


Glycerin based soaps: To remove the excess sebum produced by your glands, wash the affected areas daily with special soaps, according to glycerin or sorbitol. This will get rid of the oil and abandon your skin soft and dried.

Fenegriek: Maak een pasta van fenegriek. Er wordt gezegd dat dit een krachtige manier is om je acne te verzorgen.

Knoflook: Eet elke dag minimaal 3 zaden knoflook en wrijf de aangetaste huid zo vaak als je kunt in met rauwe knoflook.

Rooibis-thee: Japanners hebben bewezen dat rooibis thee heel effectief is bij de behandeling van acne.

and vegetables: If you would like to get rid of the acne, then you need to begin cleaning your system also. In order to do so consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables daily and drink at least two liters of water.

Baking soda - Je kunt je huid exfoliëren met baking soda. Het is heel gemakkelijk en heel goedkoop aan te maken, en je hebt de ingrediënten in je keuken. Wrijf je gezicht ermee in en je verwijdert de dode huid die uiteindelijk zal infecteren en acne zal veroorzaken.

– For several decades, people have used aloe vera in their own kitchen for burns, not understanding that aloe vera juice may also cure acne spots, preventing scars.

Lemon, juice and are capable of helping your digestive system function correctly.

: Use strawberry leaves to decrease the swellings on the acne spots. Lemon: Reduce the acne and retard the redness using a gently with lemon and then wash with warm water.

Heilige basilicum: Kook een paar blaadjes tulsi (heilige basilicum) 5-6 minuten in water en leef ze dan de hele nacht door. Breng aan op de getroffen gebieden. Als je wilt dat deze benaderingen werken, dan moet je je eraan committeren.

Don’t expect them to operate in a couple of days, be patient and stick to the treatment. After a few months you’ll see the results. No more blackheads or some other acne manifestation. At the conclusion of these natural acne treatments your skin will be healthy and smooth.