Voedingsmiddelen rijk aan vitamine B9. Gezond voedsel, bronnen van foliumzuur. Bovenaanzicht met kopieerruimte

Wat is de waarheid over het acne dieet?

Doctors have been telling us that food has nothing to do with ; but I’m afraid this is all about to change. Although there aren’t many studies in demonstrating the correlation between acne and food, there’s one interesting study done in Australia many years back. In 2007, the Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of (RMIT) University and Royal Melbourne Hospital Department of Dermatology conducted a test on two groups of guys.


De ene groep kreeg een laag-glycemisch dieet dat bestond uit mager vlees en volle granen. De andere groep kreeg een breed assortiment van voedsel met een hoge glycemische index, dat leek op het typische moderne dieet. Dit waren frisdranken, chips, wit brood en snacks. Na 12 weken was bij de jongens met een dieet met een lage glycemische index de acne met 50% verminderd. Op basis van het resultaat van deze evaluatie kunnen we vaststellen dat er een sterk verband is tussen voeding en acne.

Goed om te weten.

Is het mogelijk dat het veranderen van je dieet je acne zal verbeteren? En waarom het vermijden van simpele koolhydraten de frequentie van puistjes kan verminderen? Wanneer je jezelf voedt met koolhydraatrijker voedsel, stijgt je bloedglucosespiegel dramatisch. Dit activeert je alvleesklier om meer insuline af te geven om je bloedglucosespiegel omlaag te brengen. Het stijgende insulineniveau zorgt ervoor dat de talgklieren meer talg gaan aanmaken.

Sebum is the ’s natural oil that keeps your skin hydrated and eliminates dead cells. It travels into the pores through hair follicles. When there is excessive sebum in the pores, the P.acnes bacteria will flourish and clog the hair follicles. Because of this, will grow. There’s another reason for the breakouts when consuming high glycemic foods. Insulin is one of those crucial hormones in the body. When there’s a spike in the insulin level, it is going to cause hormonal imbalance that also impacts other hormones. In cases like this, your (male hormones) and growth hormones such as insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) will also rise. These hormones will cause your sebaceous glands to release more sebum that lead to acne.


How about lack in certain nutrients? Can this result in acne? According to Dr Susan C. Taylor, a dermatologist in New York, if you increase the consumption of healthful foods, it is going to help your skin. To put it differently, wholesome eating is needed for blemish-free skin. If you’re not eating enough healthy foods, then you might deprive your body of getting enough vitamin A, C, E, B6, B12, B1, , and iron. These vitamins are important in keeping your skin healthy and acne-free. You may be skeptical now.

How would a daily enhance your skin? A study was done on the tribal people in Papua New Guinea and Paraguay in 2002. Based on the documents in the Archives of Dermatology, these people ate only natural foods which they accumulated in the jungle and rivers. Surprisingly, they didn’t have some acne, probably because their diet was rich in fibers and high in nutritional value. Unlike the typical American diet, you notice that they did not consume a lot of sugary foods. You may blame your diet to the reason for acne. However, not every one will the exact same effects. Some sufferers may be allergic to certain foods while some may have no acne with the very same foods.

But you can be rest assured that a healthful diet can determine the status of your skin. If you take a look at your diet now, you’ll agree with me that many grains are processed. They’re lacking in fiber and essential nutrients to the skin. Furthermore, you probably don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables each day to supply your body with enough number of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. The rising part of processed foods in your eating habit, particularly those who have high degree of omega-6, will have a substantial negative influence on your skin.

Wat moet ik doen?

Dus hoe ga je om met een tekort aan voedingsstoffen in je dieet zodat je een heldere huid krijgt? Het is duidelijk dat je bepaalde voedingsmiddelen moet uitsluiten die je acne waarschijnlijk niet zullen helpen en voedingsmiddelen moet opnemen die goed zijn voor je huid. Laten we het eerst eens hebben over bewerkte voedingsmiddelen, want het grootste deel van je dagelijkse voeding bestaat voornamelijk uit bewerkte voedingsmiddelen. Weet je dat de moleculaire rangschikking van rauw en bewerkt voedsel niet identiek is? Wanneer je bewerkte voedingsmiddelen eet, denkt je lichaam dat het vreemde indringers zijn.

The molecular structure of the processed foods has attracted about free radicals that are regarded as toxins. As a response, your will produce white blood cells for protection. In short, you will need to restrict the intake of processed foods. By so doing, you’ll be reducing the amount of free radicals in your system. Allow me to refer back to the Australian research above; When you decrease the consumption of high glycemic foods, your acne might improve. So, prevent any carbohydrate with a high glycemic index.

Voedingsmiddelen zoals donuts, friet, wit brood en ontbijtgranen moeten van uw dieetlijst worden geschrapt. Hoe zit het met suiker? Bovendien is het een hoge glycemische belasting. Dus, onthoud je van elk voedsel dat geraffineerde suiker bevat. Inclusief snoepjes, alcohol, koolzuurhoudende en koolzuurhoudende dranken. Vergeet niet dat suiker je bloedsuikerspiegel kan verhogen, wat de productie van hormonen en insuline op gang brengt. Deze vicieuze cirkel zorgt ervoor dat er meer talg wordt aangemaakt, waardoor je poriën verstopt raken. Vergeet zuivelproducten. Ze hebben misschien een lage glycemische belasting, maar ze bevatten ook veel hormonen omdat de primaire bron afkomstig is van zogende koeien.

Consuming dairy products can cause your androgen to grow and this will eventually cause acne. Avoid vegetable oils which are rich with omega-6 fatty acids particularly safflower, sunflower, sesame and corn oils. Too much omega-6 can lead to in the skin. If you did not already know, acne is an inflammatory reaction. As stated before, some victims have flare-ups after eating particular foods. The best way to spot those trigger foods is to maintain a journal. Monitor your skin condition once you have eaten certain foods for 24 hours. If that specific food causes breakouts, then avoid it.

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You need protein for skin repair, effective van uw and maintaining the levels intact. Include salmon, lean beef, and whey protein in your diet. Since low-carb may prevent acne by restricting an insulin spike, you should increase the intake of vegetables and fruits. Not all carbohydrates are bad. You simply need to choose the ideal ones. Whole grains which contain complex carbs and a great deal of fiber such as millet, quinoa, brown rice, barley, rolled oats and buckwheat ought to be part your everyday diet. Furthermore, fibers are excellent in lowering the blood glucose level after meals.

Eat loads of -rich foods that contain lots of Vitamin A and E. Blueberries, green tea, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, chestnuts, acai berries, pomegranates, purple carrots and black grapes are among the top sources of these very important nutrients. Increase the consumption of omega-3 fatty acid foods like salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, flax seeds, walnuts and evening primrose. In the American Standard Diet, the proportion of omega-6 into omega-3 is 20 to 1. By eating more omega-3 rich foods, you can close the gap. How can omega-3 benefit your skin? Omega-3 assists in skin renewal, protects the cells from toxins, boosts absorption at the cellular level and aids in elimination of cellular waste substances.

Additionally, it includes a high number of anti-inflammatory agents like eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) to minimize the incidence of acne. Zinc is another important nutrient for skin. It helps to stabilize the hormonal levels that could be effective in controlling acne. Some of the best sources of zinc are oysters, lean meats, poultry and pumpkin. Always drink lots of water. Water keeps your immune system functioning properly and modulates the removal of toxins. If you keep yourself hydrated your skin will look much better.