Wat is het probleem met moderne voeding?

Civilization has entered a fresh era, For a long time, processed, regular ingestion of the foods over an interval of years, liver and digestive tract, all together, evoking the physical body to degrade much earlier than it should. As if this is simply not bad enough, further strain is positioned on the physical body by the range of chemicals had a need to preserve color, dry, to get visitors to eat it. it isn’t food but more a composition of reconstituted really, chemical-laden organic matter.

Wist je dat?

Uit een recente studie blijkt dat de gemiddelde inwoner nu elk jaar ongeveer drie kilogram chemicaliën binnenkrijgt, via levensmiddelenadditieven. Ons lichaam is gemaakt om nooit zo constant misbruikt te worden. Het ontwikkelt zich en raakt overbelast door allergieën voor alle of een deel van de onnatuurlijke rotzooi waarmee het voortdurend wordt gevoed.

This is a matter of degree again. Just a little processed food, and again now, is not any nagging problem for a sound body. But, when it’s eaten on a regular basis, after year year, because the main ingredients of the dietary plan, the physical body will eventually lose its capacity to deal, and an insidious type of ill health shall result.

An additional way to obtain chemicals, vegetables along with other food crops, but contaminate meat and milk also. Thus, what chance gets the human body, when fresh food is packed with chemicals before achieving the table even! Knowing of the nagging problem, and avoidance of chemicals whenever we can, may be the only answer.

These symptoms could be either delayed or immediate. It really is known that MSG slows learning ability now, when given through the first couple of weeks of life especially. High doses could cause visible brain lesions.


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