Kan uw medicijn de oorzaak zijn van uw hoofdpijn?

Could a standard Hormone Drug Be Causing Your Headache? In case you are taking Dostinex for a condition, you might find yourself frequently experiencing headaches more. Dostinex is really a drug used to take care of hormone related conditions. It really is used to lessen breast milk production commonly.

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Additionally it is used in the treating Parkinson’s disease also to adjust hormones using disease such as for example ovarian diseases. But why would Dostinex make you develop headaches? This short article shall offer you some insight in to the connection between taking Dostinex and getting headaches. Dostinex is really a drug that’s called a dopamine agonist. This implies that, Dostinex can become the chemical dopamine just, which is within your system naturally.

There’s been evidence that one chemicals within your brain could cause headaches if their balances are interrupted. Both main chemicals, or neurotransmitters,because they are called often, are dopamine and serotonin. Both of these neurotransmitters have become important to a whole lot of bodily processes such as, sleep, pain emotions and perception.

An imbalance in these brain chemicals will be the reason behind depression and a whole large amount of other mental disorders. Just what exactly does this want to do with headaches?

Dopamine en serotonine

These have already been studied for a long period for their {link with} migraines. When it’s produced by a migraine has been noted that the serotonin level in the mind is decreased. A reduction in serotonin causes arteries to swell, therefore adding pressure to the nerves in the mind and a headache could possibly be the total result. Studies have suggested that dopamine can become trigger for migraine and headache pain.

Certain folks are predisposed to the consequences of dopamine in your body genetically. They will have inherited a hypersensitivity to dopamine and it’s really capability to cause nerve cell excitation. This may result in the development of a migraine or perhaps a headache. Dopamine in addition has been {linked to the} reason behind vomiting and nausea whenever a migraine headache exists. Since Dostinex is really a drug that mimics dopamine, it only is practical to summarize that Dostinex could cause a headache.

In case you are among those those who are genetically predisposed to be hypersensitive to the consequences of dopamine and so are taking Dostinex for a condition, it may be the reason for your headaches. It is important to accomplish is speak to your doctor about your headaches. Usually do not stop taking the Dostinex you own and soon you talk with your physician. Both of you can examine the necessity for continuing Dostinex or the chance of switching to some other medication that could have less unwanted effects.


Dostinex could be a very effective drug for the treating your condition. It is necessary that you research your options on all the medicines that you may be taking. Note their side dangers and effects. Keep an open type of communication together with your doctor about your concerns. In case you are experiencing frequent headaches, remember that Dostinex could be the cause just.


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