Hoe voorkom je tand- en tandvleesontsteking?

There are an infinite number of bacteria living in our mouths – some are harmless and actually required to aid digestion while some are damaging to the teeth and gums. These harmful bacteria is found in plaque – the main culprit of both gum and tooth disease. Plaque is a filmy material composed mainly of bacteria that layers tooth.

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When bacteria in plaque combination with starch and sugar in the food we eat, it releases acid which break down tooth decay causing cavities and tooth decay and tooth loss. Bacterial plaque also contributes to irritation and swelling of teeth called gingivitis. If this condition isn’t treated, it progresses to severe gum disease called periodontitis. Periodontitis targets that the bones and tissues around the tooth, which might also end in tooth loss.

Some of the signs of tooth and gum disease are tooth sensitivity, persistent bad breath, and swollen or bleeding gums. Sometimes, gum disease develops with no obvious symptoms and pain. Additionally, plaque isn’t readily visible to the naked eye. These explain why many individuals are oblivious of their affliction. This makes routine dental checkups even more important so as to detect gum and tooth disease as soon as possible.

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Other variables that potentially cause tooth and gum disease are stress and smoking, which both reduce an individual’s immunity to infections; teeth grinding; some drugs that change chemistry in the mouth; illnesses that weaken the immune system; changes in hormones like during puberty or pregnancy which increases sensitivity of teeth; and lack of nutrients in the diet. Neglect of oral hygiene is an underlying cause of gum and tooth disease.

Plaque and tartar accumulates in the gums and teeth due to improper or lack of cleaning. In effect, all it really takes to prevent tooth and gum disease is appropriate dental hygiene. To put it differently, brush your teeth and floss.


You should brush your teeth after each meal or at least two times daily in the morning and evening together with daily flossing to wash hard-to-reach surfaces of their teeth. Tooth and gum disease not only affects your physical appearance but your general health also. As an example, some studies show how severe gum disease may increase the chance of heart attacks and strokes. By following a precise daily routine of caring for your gums and teeth, you can shield yourself nicely from tooth and gum disease and its consequences.


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