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Hoe kan je thuis allergenen minimaliseren?

Though remaining within your home can help an allergic patient from the environment that cause such allergy, it doesn’t eliminate the symptoms completely. Small particles that aren’t visible to the naked eye like dust mites and pet dander occasionally prompt allergies. These may include asthma or any issues associated with respiration.

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Fortunately, there are lots of easy ways that will help you steer clear of this exposure. Not to mention, it’s better to talk to your medical adviser before adopting one of these methods. Not all these variables from your surrounding might be bad for you. It requires time and effort to work out the particular cause of your allergic concerns. This will save you a great deal of money and trouble in the long term. Any area can be a home for mold as it ought to grow in a correct degree of moisture. Dust particles in the atmosphere carries and spreads mould spores.

The allergies symptoms become visible once you start breathing in an environment filled with those spores. One method to control the increasing growth of mold is to lower the humidity levels inside. Special attention ought to be given to areas like kitchens and bathrooms that have a tendency to be wet most of the time. Ensure to vent steam from these areas. People living in humidity-high places can install a dehumidifier and wash areas with moisture using a bleaching solution. If the degree of occurrence of mould is high, then you want to get support from specialists to control the mould development.

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Places such as the interior areas of walls and roofs specially attracts mold. A frequent reason for allergies which are generated inside is dander or loose/dead scales formed on the skin. Surprisingly, hair shed by pets isn’t necessarily the cause of such allergies. When you breathe in an environment with such dander, you usually feel an itching feeling. You might also be prone to sneezing in this environment. However you might need to keep away from the pets when you’ve got a serious pet allergy. Otherwise, you should limit your interactions with the pets. There are a number of ways to maintain the home dander-free to an extent.

Clean your house properly. It’s advisable to provide a particular place for your pets as opposed to letting them stay on your bed or chairs, etc.. Vacuum-clean your home regularly. Additionally it is advisable to use a HEPA filter or filter where your pet is housed. This reduces the dander substantially. You need to use protective masks and gloves while grooming the pet. Limiting physical interaction with the pets also will help to a large extent. However, since you clean your home, the place will still have some dust left here and there, though not visible to the naked eye.


These dust mites feast on the pet dander or dead skin flakes causing allergies to many. Once more, a clean house is the best remedy to keep dust mites off. Apart from dusting and vacuum-cleaning, you need to be sure to wash bed line and stuffed toys in hot water. This helps reducing the growth of dust mites. Make sure the old stuffed toys/showpieces are destroyed or removed. Also you should check out the special protective covers for beddings that will aid in controlling the dust mites.